What is the suggested use of the MSM Multi-purpose Panoramic Mount?

Q: What is the suggested use of the MSM Multi-purpose Panoramic Mount? Is it intended for use while tracking with the two ball head setup?

MSM: MSM Multi-purpose Panoramic Mount is multi-functional, you can use it in Any Way You Like.

The mount can work for BOTH Astrophotography tracking with the two ball head setup and landscape panorama only with a single ball head set up.

For astrophotography tracking setup with MSM Panoramic Mount, yes you can attach MSM Panoramic Mount directly to the ball head of your tripod. Mount the MSM onto it, then mount the second ball head to the MSM. At last, attach the camera to the second ball head.

For panorama, you can attach the ball head to the MSM, the panoramic mount to the ball head. At last, place the camera onto the panoramic mount.

If you are interested, please check the Move Shoot Move Panoramic Mount for Astrophotography here.