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Shipping Arrangements as of 3/20/2020

Hi Friends,

John here from Move Shoot Move. Thank you for visiting us.

Recently, several users have asked us if we are shipping during these days of quarantine.

The answer is Yes, we still ship worldwide, but there will be delays due to the lockdown around the world.

Below is a draft shipping timeline. We usually process your order within 24 hrs (working days).

  • United States, 3-7 days with US stock.
         (US warehouse is ready, only with Starter Kit, more stock is on the way
  • United States, It takes around 20 days.
  • United Kingdom, around 10 days. 
  • Germany, around 15 days.
  • France, around 18 days.
  • Australia, around 20 days.
  • South Korea, around 15 days.
  • Japan, around 15 days.
  • Canada, around 15 days.
  • Switzerland, around 20 days.
  • Norway, around 20 days.
  • Singapore, around 15 days.
  • Poland, around 20 days.
  • Austria, around 20 days.
  • Hungary, around 20 days.
  • Sweden, around 20 days.
  • New Zealand, around 25 days.
  • Finland, around 20 days.
  • Czech Republic, around 20 days.
  • Spain, around 20 days.
  • Italy, around 20 days.
  • Other EU countries, most will arrive around 20 Days.

DHL is ok with most countries, but it takes around 5  days to wait for the flight too.

Regarding the import tax for EU, we strongly recommend our EU users to choose our free shipping method, and we will pay for the import tax.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions.

Stay Healthy! & Clear Skies!

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  • Delivery to Poland in 19 days – paid on 7 March received 26 March. No import tax – all paid by shippers. Very good service considering all restrictions and delays we have nowadays. Many thanks for your efforts.

    Wieslaw Potoczek

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