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Does everything as advertised! Copact enough to go on a hike with! Very satisfied

The Best for Cell Phones

This product works great! Easily hooks to any eyepiece!

NOMAD star tracker for Beginner and Experienced Astrophotographers- The best gift for you and your loved 🎁

MSM Nomad and Alyn Wallace V-bracket

What a nice tracker this is! What I like most is the combination of accuracy and simplicity. The laser alignment with Polaris is very simple and after a 1,5 hour shoot I checked again with the laser and it was still practically "spot on"! Product wise it is a great tool and easy to carry. The delivery process was a bit of a surprise, it was stated that the product would be shipped from a European warehouse. This appeared not to be the case , it was shipped directly from HK. The feedback on the delivery state was not up to date so I was concerned about timely delivery. It was a pleasantly surprise that the delivery was unannounced yet still in time! The Alyn Wallace V-bracket is okay however you need to really tighten the hinge. I made certain the camera was as close to the hinge as possible to reduce the torque, in the end I made an extra stud to create a triangle at the exact angle of my Latitude (Amsterdam) so my camera is leveled and rock solid. Thanks to MSM customer support to explain the situation on the warehouse situation (apparently demand is so high that there was no stock in Europe). If communication on delivery status would have been okay it would be 5 star.


The MSM Nomad is such a game changer. So light and easy to use! Loved it!


Absolutely perfect for panorama and vertical panoramas. Built very well with high quality material.

NOMAD star tracker for Novice and Experienced Astrophotographers
Riccardo Paterniti (Settimo Milanese, IT)
The best first star tracker

I bought the Nomad as my first startracker and find it excellent. It is extremely compact and - in my experience to date - very precise. If accurate positioning is performed, i.e. correct tripod levelling and careful polar alignment is performed, it also handles focal lengths of 200mm. So far I have achieved exposure times of about 60 seconds with 200mm without movement, but I’m sure I can go even further. I suggest the complete configuration, with laser pointer and polar scope. Highly recommended.

Compact and well constructed star tracker

Very easy to use and very flexible ways to mount camera. Laser pointer and polar scope with right angle adapter worked flawlessly. Good job in tracking stars.

Simple setup

Southern hemisphere user. The nomad is a great piece of kit. Small, easy to setup and simple to use.

Well deigned piece of gear.

NOMAD star tracker for Beginner and Experienced Astrophotographers- The best gift for you and your loved 🎁

MSM Laser Kit - A definite "Must Have" . . .

Bought this for my newly acquired Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i and have yet to use PS Align Pro or even look through the unit so far. Last night up in Joshua Tree NP I was able to click the polar finder to get a "pulse" . . . a temporary bright solid beam and direct it at Polaris. Made it real easy. The stars in my long exposures of the Milky Way are sharp and even though I fully intend to delve into polar aligning the unit by all the other means this laser makes it so much less intimidating to set up the Sky Watcher and let's me concentrate on capturing the Night sky. Thank You MSM! ( Canon 5D MKIII 16-35mm 2.8L 25sec f/2.8 ISO 1600)

MSM ZMount

This mount is so easy to use. I don't have to use a ball head with it. Perfect for my tripod and I bought a second one for my gimball. Love it.

The Bees’ Knees

Lovely little device to swing your camera in two axies and fitted with decent lever clamps to ensure the settings don’t move.Time will tell but I hope the clamps stay strong over time.

Review of the Nomad

After climbing around a few times on the New Mexico Desert testing I’m very satisfied with the product

Better than before

I just used another type of tracker. But I wasn’t justified. Not ease to use and too heavy. Not made for outdoor use with backpack.
Now everything changed. The results are better than before.
Now I hope for good weather to use it more.

Star tracker with great value for money

I achieved 2 min exposures using a 20mm lens with very little trailing. I used mobile-based alignment (most inaccurate way). I am very satisfied,

Polar Scope and Accessories
Andrew Kessel (Little Rock, US)
Continue to be happy with MSM products

I recently added the polar alignment scope and right angle bracket. I'm very happy with their products and their service, support gets back overnight when I've had questions.

Simple setup and precise tracking

The laser method to set the tracking is super fast and precise. I use to shoot milky way with 14mm and now I can track for even 5 minutes!

Not good!

I tested the platform with my panoramic head (750 grams) and my camera without lens (800 grams), but the platform lost its position! In my opinion, the maximum load declared for this platform is too high, because in my case, 1.5 kg was too much! Despite the many positive reviews, I lost interest in buying the rotator due to these results!

Bird Digiscoping Made Easy

I’m a beginner when it comes to birding and even newer to photographing birds. I still have a basic tripod from earlier film photography days, but now I’m trying to update myself by marrying an iPhone, with binoculars and a tripod. Research lead me to an adapter to hold my binoculars onto the tripod and the Move Shoot Move TRIDAPTOR to mate my binoculars to the iPhone. I got my chance to try out my new setup on a new Swan family (complete with 4 cygnets). I’m still working on my technique as a photographer, but the TRIDAPTOR is the centerpiece to putting all this together. I will download pictures as my composition and technique improve. Thanks for a wonderful piece in my new hobby!

Best service ever!

Not only are the MSN Nomad and Rotator the best simple lightweight trackers out there, the service from Hanna is just beyond belief. I had a minor issue with a laser and she also assisted me with a discount on gear I had already purchased and she was just sensational. Great reliable equipment backed up with the best service on the planet. You can't ask for more than that.

NOMAD star tracker for Beginner and Experienced Astrophotographers- The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁