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Buy Nice or buy Twice - Z&V Mount Designed with Alyn Wallace - Happy New Year SALE IS ON🎁🏃🏃

Up to now no opurtunity, since sky in Germany is clouded, daily.

Love the Z

Such a great product, I bought 2! They’re versatile and extremely well designed. The thought that went into this and the execution to follow is admirable. I recommend these to everyone I speak to in photography.

Pan-tilt head upto 5Kg
Stamatios Iliadakis (Athens, GR)
Very good value for money product.

Good quality, stable, accurate mechanisms

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Francesco (Collepasso, IT)
A good compact laser pointer

The pointer is really compact, I even leave it mounted in my camera bag. I have used it a couple of times now and aligned really easily, it's just a bit dimmer than my old one, should have bought the 5mw one. But I managed to shoot 1 minute at 200mm after calibrating it so definitely works well.

MSM Laser

Purchased the Laser Kit to use with the polar scope with my Star Watcher HEQ5 Mount. Also fits on the MSM polar scope attachment. Really appreciate the battery charger. Very easy to use and accurate! Makes polar alignment quick, easy and accurate! The illumination that came with the laser kit is fantastic. Now all I need are a few more clear nights.

I love the MSM Warranty and Cust Svs!

Although it took a while to perform the test on my MSM which stopped working recently, the MSM Customer Service took great care to review my test and confirm that is was not working. Then they rushed a new MSM to me! Thanks much MSM. BTW your rotator is Da Bomb!

Move shoot move rotator

Ha some difficulties to set it up, I guess I bought extra gear not needed. I still need to test the system before I am completely confident.

Great travel star tracker

Fits into my camera bag with camera and lens. Great option for when you want to travel light but still be able to image the night sky.

Right angle viewer for polarscope - a product long overdue

The right angle viewer and nylon connecter is a long overdue product with multiple advantages. First, it saves the user from having to stoop to look through the polarscope during celestial alighment. Second, the height of the tripod can be lowered since the user is now looking down into the polorscope. This helps to further stabilize the tripod against wind. The viewer is a nice addition to the MSM package.

Laser Kit

I brought the laser kit to fit my IOPtron skyguider and basically it is a cracking piece of equipment. Finding Polaris is now so much easier than looking through the reticle wish all the various positions you have to get in to view through it. I was skeptical at first but not anymore I love it the setting up time is greatly reduced. I tend to shoot with medium to wide lenses not tried with a long lens but certainly give it a go and if the results are like my wide shots will be seriously impressed.


Works great. Charged it a few weeks ago, still going strong.

Astro Photography - LED Red Head Lamp

Excellent head lamp with separate controls for Red LED's and White LED's that make using the equipment straight forward. Adjustable tilt angle also makes using it easy.

Right Angle Viewfinder for MSM Polarscope

Awesome! Haven't been able to field test it yet, but setting it up is easy and it works well to reduce the need to bend, which is helpful for my back. Going to utilize it when the weather permits. If you have back issues, this will be a huge help, especially on those occasions where setting up for a polar alignment takes longer than one would like. Should have done this a long time ago.

A very helpful product. No more blind-searching through the polar scope!

I bought this product on a lark, thinking I might use it when I take my mount to new locations and need to polar align. I was unsure if it would work with my HEQ5 Skywatcher mount, since it is not advertised as fitting it, but it worked like a charm! The adapter slips right over the polar scope and tightens down securely with a thumb screw. The laser is VERY powerful and shines right through the polar scope optics and up to Polaris in a visible green line (it also looks very cool). You then make the necessary adjustments to the alt-az screws and pop the adapter back off. When I did, polaris was right in the center of my reticle and I completed the alignment adjustments in under 30s. A very helpful and necessary tool if you take your scope to new locations.

Perfect for widefield astrophotography

I really do like the MSM-rotator, it is perfect for wide field photography. There are however a few small niggles. The battery life is very poor when it is properly cold outside. I get less than an hour of use. I have solved this by using a power bank. I also wish the polar wedge was of better quality. It has some slop in it which is not great. For the price however I’m pretty satisfied.

Cracking bit of equipment for Ioptron sky guider pro.

Instantly gets the pole star aligned within the polar scope using the laser pointer and adjustments. A simple idea but oh so effective!

Mini Tripod

What a great little tripod to wander around with and gain a different perspective. Very sturdy.

Good idea, need improvements

Attaching the V bracket seams not secure and over time the thread loosen up

Quick Polar Finder- SW Adapter
Pilar Marín Perez (Cieza, ES)
Quick Polar Finder- SW Adapter

La pieza "Quick Polar Finder- SW Adapter" se adapta perfectamente al laser, que es para lo que lo solicite, lo situo en la zapata de la cámara y me ahorra mucho tiempo en alineaciones tediosas y lentas. Es un buen producto.

Laser polar alignment tool

A lovely product from MSM. Easy to set up, I yet gave to fine tune using the supplied Allen keys. Gives a good green light to point to Polaris, much better than kneeling in the ground! Well constructed and would recommend.

Quick Polar Finder- SW Adapter
Jeffrey Chapman (Wayne, US)
No More Guessing

I no longer need to guess which star is Polaris. I line up the laser, check my reticle, and there it is. It's especially good because it lines up directly with the axis of the tracker.


Great little item, only issue is that does seem to sit very slightly off centre (English spelling) when the screw is tightened leavin a few 'thou' gap on one side, weather so poor for past month I have been unable to try it out but I anticipate it will be good and the tiny gap issue will not be of any consequence. Rgds Gordon