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Great filter

Works great on my 200mm telephoto lens. Quality on these are nice too. The adopters fit my lenses perfectly.

Very happy for Quick polar finder

It s a essential tool for polar align. Now, I m sure that I shoot the polar star

Semplice ma efficace

La fascia funziona bene, anche se escludi il controller. La richiesta di energia è notevole, se devi usarlo tutta la notte alla massima potenza ci vuole un power bank generoso.

Very compact and portable star tracker

This is a great entry-level star tracker that even experienced users will enjoy having, because it's small enough you can take it with you when you wouldn't consider a larger alternative. It performs well, although it takes some practice to set it up correctly and to polar align it. Highly recommended for people new to astrophotography who want to try star tracking.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Tony Dalton (Falkirk, GB)
MSM Wedge

Recently purchased the MSM Rotator Wedge along with the new version of the laser pointer, game changer for me. No more trying to perform a balancing act using a free floating ball head. The wedge gives me the ability for precious movement in both directions, super accurate laser alignments is a breeze. Great bit of kit and very well built.

Versatile Wedge

As a skyscape beginner, I found the wedge super helpful for a more precise polar alignment especially as I try different focal lengths. It also made my vertical pano shots much more simplistic. I’m thoroughly enjoying my MSM and accessories. Now for clear skies!

First Shots

I love the MSM tracker, it’s the 2nd tracker I’ve used being fairly new to astral-photography. Alignment is much easier for the kinds of shots I’m trying to get. It’s a great product.

Z plate helps for shooting awkward angles

I have used the Z-plate a few times now. I like the flexibility it gives for positioning and helping keep the camera system balanced on the MSM. It is definitely a must in my MSM kit.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
yang wongyu (Dong-gu, KR)
good quality fast delivery good

Wedge for precise polar alignment
So good
Quality has improved a lot
highly recommended

Sky Watcher laser.

I currently use the Sky Watcher Star Adventurer 2I and it's a decent tracker but it does lack a laser to help when you want to setup quickly. The MSM laser attachment helps to have everything setup within minutes. I manage 3 minute exposures at 135mm just by using th laser.

Highly recommended.

Z/V mount

It is very well made, light weight and functional.

Rotator works great

To be clear the Rotator works great it's easy once it's set up it just works. For me the thing that's difficult is actual alignment I know there's a lot of videos trying to make this look easy but where I live I cannot see Polaris, so I've purchased the cell phone extension thing that I'm supposed to put on the back that helps me use an app like photopills to align. I think these apps are probably not very good and so because of that my alignment is not very good. I can't blame the device for this the device works great it would just be good if I could get some type of tools that would make alignment better, I looked at options like mounting an electronic polar scope onto the wedge but I can't figure anything out like that. Returning to the actual move shoot move device it works great the battery lasts a long time it's pretty easy to use. I have not tried this with anything other than a wide field DSLR

Excellant product

I bought this for my other brand skytracker but it doesn't fit on it. The pointer works great so I will need to buy a MVM to use it.


The Item fits perfect to my StarAdventurer. The quality seems to be quiet strong. The produkt seems to be well thougt out, too. So I think it's absolutely worth it.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Andrea Heinzová (Prague, CZ)

Skvělá komunikace, rychlé dodání.

A budget friendly and great star tracker to carry along

If your idea of astrophotography is capturing the MilkyWay in all its glory and magnificence, then the MSM star tracker does the job perfectly . It’s fairy to use , and as long as you get your polar alignment right , you’re well on your way capturing trail free and sharp MilkyWay shots .

Being small and light, it’s the perfect addition to your camera gear .

It’s the ideal stepping stone star tracker to use to really learn star tracking before going to the next level with advanced star trackers for deep sky photography.

MAM Quick Polar Finder for Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i

I recommend the Quick Polar Finder for Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i. The laser pointer system is much quicker and easire to use than the optical polar scope included with the Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i. You can easily align precisely in just a few minutes - and do not need the clumsy Skywatcher illuminator that requires emoving tthe payload to attach. The MSM Quick Polar Finder is well made and can accept recargeable batteries.

Great customer Service

Once again, MSM comes through with their speedy shipping and great customer service in getting me the parts I forgot to order.

Always a pleasure doing business with them!

MSM Rotator

Purchasing the Move Shoot Move has been the best thing I have done to improve my astrophotography. It is simple to set up and use and helps me to take better cleaner images. A great purchase for anyone wanting to improve their nightscape photography.

z mount.

Perfect for the setup i use. Easy to use and compact, what else can i say.

Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
nicola lamascese (Padova, IT)

To be able to use the MSM in the best possible way you absolutely need this accessory. Improved compared to the previous one, easier to use. In short, it cannot be missing in the astrophotography kit

Star focuser

It's a great little device, does help me to focus my camera, excellent bit of kit 👍

Small and comfortable to use

It's a small device that will help me to take great pictures of the night sky. By tracking the stars, I can reduce the ISO value on my camera and get a better detail as a final result.
The device is really compact and I've found it very hardy and well built. There are no gaps or movements between the body and the rotary plate. Once the Polar alignment has been set, it's possible to shot the sky even with 70mm of focal lenght. I have tried it with good ressults, and I will keep improving the technique.
I think that's a good star tracker to start wit, and easy to use.

It works :-) ... except the battery (as usual) - very hard to find spares

I have no issues with the laser itself - but, it will work for "rough pointing" of the Adventurer 2i to the destination star. The exact alignment - still must depend on visual sighting with the polar scope. But for wide angle photography (24mm and wider) - where accurate alignment is not that necessary - it works.

Getting spare batteries and a charger is more problematic - not easy to find.

Very convenient and low price for the quality !

Very convenient and full of application possibilities. Thank you Alyn and well done.