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Best on market

This is the third type of telescope adaptor I’ve bought and the only one I don’t want to smash.
Made well, easy to use and most importantly, quick to align.

Lightweight and sturdy

Easy to use. Very good quality. Nice levers that can be used even when something is blocking it halfway.

Actually good

The rotator is small, sturdy, easy - exactly what I needed.
I was already able to make a tracked test-photo in my backyard with my MFT 12 mm (alias 24mm FF) on top of the MSM Rotator.
Although not a lens with the widest field of view -surprisingly- I was able to capture pin-sharp stars at 4(!) mins exposure time.
Well, I assume this was a luckily precise Polaris alignment and wouldn't take it as a standard but I'm confident to get 2+ mins exposures reliably in future.
Now, let's hope for clear skys!

Great 3 axis cell phone mount

This all metal 3 axis cell phone mount is much better than other plastic 1 and 2 axis mounts. My iPhone has several lenses which need individual adjustment. It attaches easily to my binoculars. Great device. I highly recommend it. Shipping it to canada was a breeze.

Red led headlight

This does exactly what I bought if for, and I love the ability to have independent switched for both red and white lights. The red light could be a fraction brighter but is adequate for my needs, and the white light is super bright when on full power, great for the trek out.

A high quality and high precision telescope camera adaptor

I haven’t actually tried to take photo with it yet, but let me make two initial positive observations: (1) It does appear to be a precision design and be constructed of quality materials, and (2) addresses a critical flaw in my other two camera to telescope adaptors, i.e., a Z-axis adjustment. I’m going to try pre-mounting a favorite eyepiece for planets and the moon into the adaptor so it can be quickly popped into my scope’s diagonal when a photo opportunity presents itself. M-S-M suggests they have a link to smart-phone camera adjustments that should improve one’s luck with capturing “dim” targets. Unfortunately, I live in a city with a lot of light pollution, so there are only a few good observation nights. I’ll have to experiment trying to use a “point and shoot” camera which may have a better lens than a smart phone. It’s nice that a blu-tooth shutter release is included - though a phone’s self-timer could be an alternate to avoid telescope shake.

Z & V plates

Well made, pretty solid when tightened

Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Pete Cochrane Cochrane (Penrith, GB)
Polar Alignment made easy.

I tried my bracket for polar alignment using my mobile phone for the first time, and what a brilliant idea it is. By fixing the bracket to the rotator, making sure the phone is secured squarely to the bracket and then using the Spot stars AR facility in the PhotoPills app, alignment with the polar star is easy. Thoroughly recommend this item and the other MSM products I have for Astrophotography.

Una gran ayuda

Este soporte me ha facilitado el camino para alinear mi star tracker ya que la zona por la que voy tiene un paso frecuente de aviones, de momento con objetivos angulares muy bien. Este mes probaré con un 50 mm.

Un saludo

Works life a charm

Great video by MSM to set up the laser for my Star Adventurer. I set my Adventurer for my latitude, do a rough alignment to Polaris, and the laser locks me in.

Good design. Well made

I am using my adapter on a Vortex spotting scope that has a soft rubber part where the adapter attaches, this makes it a little difficult to set up with the camera at the ideal 90 degree angle but it’s not too hard to deal with. In all other respects the adapter works very well. There is plenty of adjustment in all 3 axis’s to allow you to get the most out of your phone camera. The biggest problem I have had is controlling the camera. Where others add functionality to their cameras Apple takes options away making it hard to control what camera and mode you need. A third party camera app can take care of these problems but most have to be purchased or subscribed to. The adapter works great though.

Fantastic phone holder.

This is by far the best, most stable phone holder I've used. I've made several homemade a 3d printed holders and I have the floppy one from the main competitor to this one and they all are very much lacking. The moment you take it out of the box/bag and feel it's all metal construction you KNOW it will be a quality lasting tool for quite some time.

Flex Tilt & Pan Head - Z&V Mount Designed with Alyn Wallace, Buy Nice or buy Twice

Star tracker

I found the MSM star tracker easy to use after visiting you tube. The laser pointer works very well. Very happy with the purchase so far. I did find the instructions that came with the MSM hard to read because the print was so small. Even with glasses on it was impossible to read.

MSM is awesome

I started shooting galaxy photos about a year ago. To improve the quality I read you can track it. MSM makes this possible for an outstanding value! You can also use it for time lapse, BONUS! I highly recommend MSM!


Laser is very good, works quite well. Only get 4 starts due to incredibly slow delivery.

Essential for older eyes

The standard glow-in-the-dark illuminator provided adequate light for my old eyes for a very short time - too short for me to make the proper polar alignment adjustments. The cable LED illuminator, however, is perfect. I can see the alignment grid clearly for however long it takes to get things right, and then turn it off.

Didymium Light Pollution Filter
Fatih Ay (Ankara, TR)

Didymium Light Pollution Filter

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Henrik A. (Helsinki, FI)
Solid piece of gear

The build is outstanding in quality - no shaky bits or play. the size is nice and compact. I'm looking forward to trying the wedge, hopefully this autumn when skies darken again here in latitude 60 - if the Nomade Star Tracker, which I ordered before the wedge, eventually ships (was supposed to ship in February!).

Nice piece of equipment

Using it with an iPhone 14 pro max on a spotting scope. Works very good in fixing the phone at correct position. Having some issues getting the iPhone to do correct exposure but as a phone holder it works perfectly.


Small, portable, powerful.
All you need for your astrophotography, easy to carry everywhere. Perfect for a trip outdoor or for your local spots. Small price big performance.

MSM Dew Heater Band

Love this! It’s a game changer when used with my Samyang 14mm lens for astrophotography on Dartmoor and the choice of 3 levels of heat is really handy to dial in what is required to keep lens from fogging up. It works a treat and seems like a premium product

You knocked it out of the park.

Easy to use and very durable. No more spending extra time trying to line things up anymore.