My Rotator is not charging?



1. Please make sure the Type C USB cable can work. Test by charging other devices with the cable you are using.


2. DON’T charge with laptops, PCs or, car supply, they may output above 5V. Please charge with your home supply(wall outlet) or your power bank.


3. Please make sure you are charging it through 5V 1A-2A.

    If your adapter or power bank writes 5V 1A or 5V 2A about its output, it’s supposed to work for the Rotator then.

    Usually, you can find information about its output written on your adapter or power bank.

    P.S. Most Apple electronics’ chargers work too though they write 5V 2.4A.

    credit: Thanks to Alex Gismo for the last pic.


    After checking all above, you still have a problem with charging, please contact