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Star tracker MSM

Small, compact, easy to set up! Just waiting for a clear night!


Great portable tracker. I used it for the first time recently to photograph Comet C/2022. I was amazed how well it performed and suddenly realised I’d been missing out never using a tracker in my Astro work. It’s small, compact and VERY easy to set up using the laser pointer.

Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
John Spencer Spencer (Pontypridd, GB)
Universal Mount

This mount does the job of holding the laser pointer and polar scope just perfectly.

Makes polar alignment simple and quick

Works very well no more shining a laser through polar scope with one hand and trying to align star adventurer with the other. Polar alignment is now a very simple process, well worth the investment.

Fastest polar alignment ever!

I had a chance to use the new iOptron Skyguider Pro- MSM Laser Kit this morning for the first time shooting the Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF). For me, the hardest part has always been getting Polaris in the polar scope. I screwed in the MSM laser, fired it up, and pointed the laser to Polaris, and BAM! I looked through the scope, and there was Polaris!! I was able to make the fine adjustment using traditional methods quickly. This was the fastest I've done my polar alignment ever! 5 stars...Highly recommended!!

lens warmer

Works great, we are in the middle of a long cold spell, the lens warmer fits a variety of sizes of lenses and works great on all, thank you

a Photographer's first telescope

I just love the reach of the MAK90 telescope. It's expanding my night sky arsenal and will allow me to photograph so many more stars and things which were difficult, if not impossible to do with the lenses I use to shoot the Milkyway. Now, I only need to have time to test it out. I've been doing dry runs from in my house for the time being. My Nikon D750 is a little lighter, so I paired it with the MAK90 and it fits snugly to the long end of the telescope. I've adapted the bottom connection to an Arca Swiss plate so I can attach it to a ballhead. I've had a lot of luck using a phone app to find stars. I love the dual viewing spots, so I can leave my camera body attached for balancing purposes. The only photos I have taken so far are of my neighbors' rooftops, but they are clear and sharp!

Use of Right-Angle viewfinder for Ioptron SkyGuider Pro polar alignment scope

I bought this item as an addition to the laser pointer I attach to the polar-alignment scope on my new Ioptron Sky Guider Pro.

I used the camera tracker to image Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) with an unmodded Canon 6D (full frame DSLR) with a Canon 70-200mm L-series zoom lens set at f/2.8, 200mm ISO 1600 (images submitted to’s Gallery pages).

The laser pointer and the right-angle viewfinder are great MSM products that saved me a lot of time and frustration. One of my pics even landed on the front page of our local newspaper!

- Arnold Rivera

Right Angle Viewfinder

This viewfinder easily attaches to the polar scope and allows you to take a regular posture and look downward into the scope rather than having to crouch uncomfortably low and look upward.

Muito bom, consegui resultados extremamentes satisfatórios na primeira utilização

Perfeito, simples e prático de usar!

Focus easier with this!

So I bought the 100x100mm filter to use on multiple lenses with a filter holder. It worked so well. I was using it to find the E3 Comet and focused on the stars around it and it worked out great! Easy to use but make sure you digital zoom for focus magnifier so you can see it better. Really good buy for my gear.

Didymium Light Pollution Filter

Helps bring out more colours

Buy Nice or buy Twice - Z&V Mount Designed with Alyn Wallace - Happy New Year SALE IS ON🎁🏃🏃

Up to now no opurtunity, since sky in Germany is clouded, daily.

Love the Z

Such a great product, I bought 2! They’re versatile and extremely well designed. The thought that went into this and the execution to follow is admirable. I recommend these to everyone I speak to in photography.

Pan-tilt head upto 5Kg
Stamatios Iliadakis (Athens, GR)
Very good value for money product.

Good quality, stable, accurate mechanisms

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Francesco (Collepasso, IT)
A good compact laser pointer

The pointer is really compact, I even leave it mounted in my camera bag. I have used it a couple of times now and aligned really easily, it's just a bit dimmer than my old one, should have bought the 5mw one. But I managed to shoot 1 minute at 200mm after calibrating it so definitely works well.

MSM Laser

Purchased the Laser Kit to use with the polar scope with my Star Watcher HEQ5 Mount. Also fits on the MSM polar scope attachment. Really appreciate the battery charger. Very easy to use and accurate! Makes polar alignment quick, easy and accurate! The illumination that came with the laser kit is fantastic. Now all I need are a few more clear nights.

I love the MSM Warranty and Cust Svs!

Although it took a while to perform the test on my MSM which stopped working recently, the MSM Customer Service took great care to review my test and confirm that is was not working. Then they rushed a new MSM to me! Thanks much MSM. BTW your rotator is Da Bomb!

Move shoot move rotator

Ha some difficulties to set it up, I guess I bought extra gear not needed. I still need to test the system before I am completely confident.

Great travel star tracker

Fits into my camera bag with camera and lens. Great option for when you want to travel light but still be able to image the night sky.

Right angle viewer for polarscope - a product long overdue

The right angle viewer and nylon connecter is a long overdue product with multiple advantages. First, it saves the user from having to stoop to look through the polarscope during celestial alighment. Second, the height of the tripod can be lowered since the user is now looking down into the polorscope. This helps to further stabilize the tripod against wind. The viewer is a nice addition to the MSM package.