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MSM Tri-Adaptor

It’s the only adapter I’ve ever had and tried that worked for what it’s intended to do. It’s rock solid. The technical term is ‘stronger than a horseradish milkshake’

Absolutely amazing tracker

I am extremely impressed with the qualities of the NOMAD star tracer. Very light and portable, with it you can easily shoot single shots and panoramas with precise tracking up to 4 minutes or more. Highly recommend!

Not accurate enough for the eclipse

The Day Time Polar Align kit is easy to use, but it is not accurate enough to keep the sun in frame during an eclipse. Anyone want mine? Just pay shipping.

Sky gazing

I have tried 6 different devices to attach my phone to my telescope to photograph the night sky. None of them worked. Purchasing the tridapter was a good decision! It works perfectly!


Converting from the 1st gen tracker to the Nomad has been a welcomed upgrade.

Best telescope/binocular mount adaptor for phone ever

I used it to get pictures and movies of the total solar eclipse when I was north of San Antonio. Very easy to set up and align. I got great pictures and clip without any alignment frustrations.

Eclipse and night landscapes

I’m impressed with how well the Nomad works when polar aligned with the laser and the scope. Polar align takes less than 5 minutes and the results are consistent. Polar alignment at night keeps the sun in frame for 3+ hours during the day, and stars at night are pinpoint with 15-400 mm lenses at 4 minutes. The negatives are that the daytime polar align set up is not accurate enough to keep the sun in frame with a 600 mm lens for more than 20-30 minutes. There are a number of parts that are needed to use the Nomad (motor unit, polar scope, laser, scope/laser adapter. charging unit with USB cord, and wedge). The complete kit comes with a small pouch for the motor unit. I would be ideal if the kit include a carry case for all the parts.
If anyone wants to buy my daytime polar align kit, let me know.

MSM Accessories

While I do not own the MSM rotator due tot the weight of my gear, I have purchase the MSM polar scope laser attachment for my iOptron rotator. It fit my device perfectly and is of high quality. I have also purchased the Bahtinov mask set for my DSLR which is also of very high quality and works well.

Fantastic product and service

The tridaptor is very well engineered and locates my iPhone perfectly next to my telescope eyepiece. Clear focus is easily and quickly achieved using the three way adjustment. Fast and simple to use and great for Astro photography.The tridaptor arrived from the states to my home address in less than a week - remarkable!

Great digiscope adaptor!

This adaptor for digiscoping is great quality and works phenomenally for taking photos of birds and other wildlife through binoculars or a scope. YouTube video placeholder
Solid piece of equipment.

I haven’t done any night time astrophotography yet. I have put it on my tripod and mounted my camera and tested the drive. Appears to be working great. Now all I need is some clear nights here on Lake Ontario, spring is a tough season out eclipse was covered by very thick clouds. When I first received the NOMAD and picked it up I could tell it was well built, it felt solid. The top gear is precision cut . I am ready to go have my first target picked, T Coronae Borealis. I have no regrets purchasing the NOMAD and would recommend that anyone looking for a tracker to give it a try.

Excellent filter

Having had issues with getting stars correctly in focus and having bought other bathinov masks that were primarily made for telescopes I decided to give this filter a try. And it works like a charm. One thing though. It’s best not to screw on the filter during focusing. When unscrewing the filter it generally unfocuses the image. I just hold it before the lens and then focus the image. Works like a charm!


My back thanks you.very easy to use and a level of comfort that I'm just discovering,make this equipment brilliant,I highly recommend it.small problem at reception which was quickly resolved by Hannah,whom I thank again for her responsiveness.

Not easy to set up

Always a pain to get set up but works well. Love the small size and the polar
Alignment is easy

Z mounts

I am happy with the 2 Z mounts I ordered. To me this is a great tool that I plan to use in the field to manage tracked panoramas.

Just right!

This was my first experience with a tracker and I was able to get it aligned well on my first outing and in just a few minutes I was capturing images! It is the perfect size and notches into my regular camera bag with ease!

Amazing Quality device!

I had been wanting a way to connect my iPhone to my telescope and microscope to take pictures. This a Quality device with precision 3-axis movement allowing you to get the perfect adjustment to the objective lens. It worked beautifully during the 2024 Total Eclipse across the USA. I am now getting excited about more astronomical photography, and getting more tools. Would like to take pictures of the moon and plants.

Love it

Works very well and easy to use

Universal mount for Polar scope and pointer for MSM Tracker only

I ordered this because it has the hot shoe mount and i thought it would be great for getting close to targets of interest in the night sky, using the laser as a guide.
It does work for this purpose once you make sure you have lined up the mount to the direction your camera lens is pointed. I found this to be a bit difficult because i have large hands and fingers and the clamp wheel for locking down the mount to the hot shoe is a bit small in diameter and i found it hard the get tight, i had to use some needle nose pliers to sinch it down where it wouldn't move easily.
It seemed to be missing a plastic screw, that is used for tightening down the laser in the mount. Not a problem though, they're easily replaceable.
I know this is meant for the MSM Tracker only, but it is great for use as a guide on your camera also.
I like all of the MSM products i have bought so far and this is the first time i did not give 5 stars. Just because it does seem like the hot shoe tightening wheel could be a bit wider in circumference so as to get better purchase with your fingers.

Phone Adapter of Phone adapters

About time someone developed a decent adapter. I don’t know how I managed to photograph a comet without this, but it will be so much easier now. My only gripe is that this didn’t fit my 20mm eyepiece.

Great tracker with great results

I used this MSM tracker for the first time. My first impression was a well-built tracker. Well finished, with a very well-made fastening system and a very curious and precise polar alignment mechanism.
Accustomed to my venerable Staradventurer, I was very surprised by the ease of use of this NOMAD.
It's as easy as opening a door to fresh air.
I loved how well defined its purpose was and it held up perfectly to positioning with my Sony A7SIII camera and my 70-200 to photograph the Virgo galaxy cluster. with 110 photographs from 30" to 135mm.
To increase the exposure time I think it is very good to purchase the wedge and the polar finder.
Excellent tracker. Very good invention! YouTube video placeholder

Back/Neck/Knee Saver - Right Angle Viewfinder for Polarscope - The best gift for you and your loved ones 🎁

tridaptor - The best telescope phone adapter ever- TRIDAPTOR for 3-axis adjustment!

Great and compact wedge

Coming from a bulkier wedge I really appreciate the smaller size that doesn't compromise the stability. Love it!