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Good performance for its size

So far so good, the only thing that I had to do is to collimate the laser, as it was a bit off and it was easy enough.

Best in class

This adaptor is a nice sturdy build and very easy to use. Once the phone is in place it is so easy to finely adjust. I am using a Pixel 6 Pro attached to binoculars on a tripod. Good value, good customer service - highly recommended.

Easy to use star tracker

Bought starter kit with ball head and Alyn Wallace Z plate. Found it easy to assemble, polar alignment is very easy. Overall very happy with my purchase.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Jon Heden (Uppsala, SE)
First timer

Good stuff, no minus what so ever.
Maybe one thing, that I dident get the information about a new rotator was coming out. I had ofcourse bought that one instead.
But happy enought with mine anyway

Laser Kit

The laser kit works great, helps a lot. Only problem was the large amount of time it took to get here.

Skywatcher Laser Kit - works great!

Definitely recommend this little gadget. Watch the video on the website, you really can find polaris and set up the tracker in a very quick time. No more hunting around for an hour (and I have done that!!), it works like a charm

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Joseph E Christensen (Hayden, US)

Pointer for Polar Alignment

Wedge for precise polar alignment

Was using a ball head. However, was trying to move to longer focal length and attempting to increase the exposure time. The wedge make the polar alignment easier and less time is spent on alignment. Was able to achieve longer exposure time too.

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Daehyun Lee (Seoul, KR)
Time-saver for polar aligning

Make polar alignment much easier than using ballhead or 3-way head. Such a smooth movement!

Pointer for Polar Alignment
David Chandler (Durham, US)
Easy Polar Alignment

I used my new laser pointer for polar alignment and it was very quick and easy! Took about 2 minutes to get the alignment and saw no star tracks using the MSM. I had to calibrate the laser first, but that was quite easy

Z&V Mount - excellent quality!

Got my Z and V mount very quickly delivered in a solid package. Good quality product. Locks easily and very solid. I did not use it often yet but I certainly will use it a lot this winterseason. Recommended.

A great way to begin photographing the Milky Way.

Relatively easy setup, polar alignment in the southern Hemisphere is challenging but that is the case with every tracker. The phone mount makes it somewhat easier. The ability to charge via USB is a big plus as is its size, great for travel.

Fast North Star Alignment

Tried the laser with the my Iptron Skugiuider Pro. Made aligning with the North Star quite easy. For the type of photography I was doing that night I didn’t use the rectical for absolute alightment. My tracked images of the Milky Way turn out great. This is a very helpful product, juswt screw onto the IOptron and line up. Do be careful and look for airplanes.

Adapter screws 3/8 - 1/4 for cameras.

Great product, superb service, a pleasure doing business with MSM.

Great solution

The V and the Z mount are a very good solution and replaces my Benro 3way head. Very good and sturdy design

3-Axis Smartphone Adapter for Phone Scope Digiscoping, eyepieces (0.86in ~ 2.4in)

Nice tool

Well designed, good build quality and lightweight.

Time saver

This really simplifies polar alignment. I also use it to point to my object, and finding that spot with a 500mm lens is really efficient.

MSM Laser Kit

I bought this based on reviews and You Tube videos to help to polar align my Star Adventurer 2i and it does a great job to help fine tune the procedure.

Great improvement for polar alignment speed with the Sky Watcher Star Adventurer 2i

I recently purchased a Sky Watcher Star Adventurer 2i and the addition of laser alignment makes the polar alignment process as easy as with the MSM laser/polarscope process. Very easy to set up, and greatly speeds up getting a rough alignment on Polaris.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Kim McDonald (Halifax, CA)

It is a gift, so I cannot comment because I haven't opened it... birthday in December

New screws with stopper

New screws with stopper

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Chris Bowden (Llanelli, GB)
Solar imaging with MSM Wedge

I purchased an MSM Wedge to cut down on some weight when travelling to image total solar eclipses to replace a bulkier geared head. Unfortunately the initial wedge I was sent would not stay in the set vertical position, despite tightening down very hard on the locking lever, so I requested a replacement unit which was sent within a few days. Sadly the second unit also slipped in the same way and so I looked into the build of the unit and found the issue. It seems that during transit some of the internal grease had made its way onto the nylon washers that the locking lever utilizes to secure the altitude position causing it to slip. Removing this grease cured the problem and I was then able to use it as intended to take an image of the Sun using a small light weight 70mm refractor fitted with a suitable solar filter and a CMOS astronomy camera. The unit is convenient for travel, but will need to be checked for such problems when travelling overseas by air in case the same thing happens again in transit. Maybe the design can be modified to prevent this particular issue happening in future?