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Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories
Polar Scope and Accessories

Polar Scope and Accessories

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In order for any star tracker to work the way it's designed, polar alignment has to be done in the first place. It is the act of aligning the rotation axis of a star tracker in parallel with Earth's self-spin axis. How do you know when your Move Shoot Move Star Tracker's rotation axis is aligned? Well, the Polar Scope we have here does just that!

Polar Scope A Package

If you only have a MSM Star Tracker, which means you don't have a Pointer, a polar scope mount or a polar scope illuminator, this is the go-to package for you. It includes all the accessories needed to do polar alignment on a MSM Star Tracker:
  • Polar Scope A
  • Mount For Polar Scope A/B (with built-in hot shoe adapter)
  • Polar Scope A Illuminator (3D printed)

Polar Scope B Package

Similar to Polar Scope A Package. Included are:
  • Polar Scope B
  • Mount For Polar Scope B (without hot shoe adapter)
  • Polar Scope B Illuminator (3D printed)

Polar Scope A/B Mount

  • Compatible both with Polar Scope type A and B
  • Built-in hot shoe adapter. In addition to mounting polar scope to MSM Star Tracker, it can also be used to mount a Pointer to your DSLR camera's hot shoe, making it easier to point your camera to sky area of interest.

Polar Scope B Mount

  • Compatible with Polar Scope Type-B only

Polar Scope A Illuminator (CNC machined)

  • Compact and rugged
  • Compatible with Polar Scope A only

Polar Scope A Illuminator (3D printed)

  • Economic
  • Compatible with Polar Scope Type-A only

Polar Scope B Illuminator (3D printed)

  • Economic
  • Compatible with Polar Scope Type-B only

Right Angle Viewfinder + Adapter

This Right Angle Viewfinder for polar scope allows a more ergonomic way to view the scope. The eyepiece is at 90 degrees to the polar scope and can be turned 360 degree about the polar scope axis. Just attach it to your polar scope, take your time and do the alignment right and thoroughly.


  • Individual eyesight adjustment with built-in diopter
  • 1x and 2x switchable magnification
  • Multiple click-stop eyepiece positions to provide a variety of viewing angles


    • MSM Polar Scope A
    • MSM Polar Scope B
    • Any Polar Scope with an eyepiece of a contour of a cylinder that has 
      • a height greater than 22mm
      • a diameter between 27.3 and 30.3mm

    Package Content

    Right Angle Viewfinder + Adapter

    • Right angle viewfinder

    • Right angle viewfinder adapter


    • Polar Alignment with Polar Scope (video)
    • Reticle Calibration (This is not required for beginners. Be sure to read this tutorial before getting started. Applying too much force on adjustment screws may break reticle frame and we will NOT be responsible.)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Jukka Jaakola (Vantaa, FI)

    Polar Scope and Accessories

    Cristian Cosatto (Milan, IT)
    Very good product

    The polar scope fits perfectly the MSM body and it is quite easy to use. There are a lot of instructions on the web and apps on how to use it and where to put the polaris. Now I prefer to add also the 90° eyepiece to make the polar alignment more easy and without wetting my knees

    Aruna Kalutanthri (Victoria, CA)
    It is good but calibrating is a not easy.

    So far having issues with calibrating, it is really hard to get it to get it centre aligned while rotating it. I ordered the new holder, and hope that will be better.

    Steve Cologne (Rancho Santa Fe, US)
    Best customer service

    very attentive to customers after the sale.

    Javier Parra (Madrid, ES)

    Polar Scope and Accessories

    Edwin M. Hopkins (Delta, CA)
    Polar Scope Accessories

    The additional polar scope mount and red light arrived quickly and serve well.

    Izak Kapilevich (San Jose, US)
    Good portable tracker, user manual is poor and accessories are OK but do not match the shown use ...

    I used this tracker for wide field photography and was very happy with my results but when I tried a longer focal length lens I could not get it to work right with the green laser pointer as there is too much wiggle room and the laser setting is not very fixed. I then realized I need to buy the polar alignment scope. which works better for longer focal length photography. I love that its all small and portable but I do not like that the user manual is horrible and leaves too much unanswered. I had to use U Tube and watch multiple videos but I still dont know the best recommended way to use it.

    Darren Creighton
    Polar Scope with illuminator - for use in Southern hemisphere

    I ordered the polar scope to help align my tracker in remote NZ with no phone signal or internet connection.

    The product is well made and communication throughout order/delivery process was excellent.

    I have only used the scope under Bortle class 1 skies and it works very well. Compared to finding Polaris in the Northern hemisphere, Sigma Octantis is far fainter and not as easy to find, however with a bit of practice I have found I can now accurately align my tracker in under 5 minutes, on a clear night.

    Note: I use the polar scope with the wedge to enable very small accurate adjustments.

    Claudia (Hemau, DE)
    Great products

    I‘m very happy and satisfied with the great products

    Mauro Cirigliano (Naples, IT)
    Now it's perfect

    The Polar scope with illuminator has finally arrived!
    Now I can be even more accurate in aiming :D

    The shoot move is already excellent in its "Kit B" configuration where the fast laser pointer is included, but with this scope I can get even better performance!!!

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