Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment
Pointer for  Polar Alignment

Pointer for Polar Alignment

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This is the Laser Pointer for Astrophotography.

This Laser Pointer can be used for Astro shooting, act as simple polar alignment without the equatorial mount.


#Upgraded in Aug. 2020#

Hi Friends,

Seeing that many of you would like to have a laser pointer with its laser as straight as possible, finally, we've upgraded the laser pointer to an adjustable version. It's also smaller than the previous version. 

So, if you mainly play with wide lenses, it works for your lenses without adjustment.

If you may use a long-focus lens sometimes, you can adjust the laser beam then.
Here's the instructions on how to do it:

Regarding the battery for the new pointer, it's a 14250 3.6V battery.
A battery comes with the pointer, put in it already, it's rechargeable, so you can also charge it if you want.

Clear Skies,
Move Shoot Move team, 2020.08.25


#Upgraded in Aug. 2019#
  • Switch to the newest plastic screw for the mount to protect your Rotator's surface from scratch.



Laser Product, please don't aim the laser pointer at a person's head or eye!


Diameter: 21mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Byron Labadie (Bixby, US)
Helps speed up alignment

The laser installation is a breeze, and speeds up time for me to get close alignment without having to bend my neck all of the time and deal with keeping the finder scope in alignment all of the time. After initial alignment, I use the Polefinder instrument connected to my laptop to attain precise alignment for astrophotography.

I have received the product

Laser pointer it is a very important and useful tool to improve the point to be photographed.

Paul Ostrum (Black River Falls, US)
Excellent product

I bought to laser to use with my current star tracker but it doesn't attach as I thought. My current tracker is too hard to use so I will be ordering an MVM tracker for this laser. From what I have seen, the MVM is very easy to set up and use.

Werner W. (Rohrbach, DE)

Works better than expected! It's so easy to use.

Peter Frcka (Lima, PE)
Laser Pointer

it is a good thing for polar alignment, but it would like a better processing quality

yang wongyu (Sejong, KR)
good quality fast delivery good

good quality fast delivery good

Tom O'Neil (Richland, US)
Pointer for Polar Alignment

Not really too much to say here. It's a green laser pointer. I turn it on and it points! Super bright beam, and it's mounted in a sweet piece of machined aluminum. Three nylon screws for keeping the beam parallel to your rotator or camera, as well as fine X-Y adjustment for centering the beam. Get one!

Toby Young (Warsaw, PL)
Polarscope adds more flexibility

MSMs polarscope is a very nice addition to my portable grab-and-go astrophotography collection. Finally, a chance to experiment with a longer lens! Do a quick alignment with the lazer, and then tune that alignment with the polarscope. With care and patience, it is very quick to polar align and start capturing light. My first light test on Sadr in Cygnus with one minute subs at 135mm show no sign of trailing. (Bortle 4, Nikon d5500, Samyang 135mm, 64 lights and 24 darks, stacked in Siril). Very happy with the results from the addition of MSMs polarscope. Using the universal bracket for lazer and polarscope also makes things tidy, lightweight, and easy to setup.

Lee Zheng (Lowell, US)

Love the laser pointer and the brackets. Fit perfectly. It gets the alignment done in seconds. I could track 2 min exposure with my 50mm lens and get pinpoint stars. Highly recommend it!

Rafa (Portland, US)
Polar scope laser

I still have the first version of the laser and got this one as it is adjustable. The laser seems well made but I still need to play with it a bit more as I’m getting 2 different alignments using the same bracket between version 1 and version 2.