MSM™ Motorized Lightweight Travel Carbon Fiber Slider

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Motorized Timelapse Slider Features:

  • Ultralight, 5kg include all the package.
  • Compact Packing Size For Travel, 11x25x63cm
  • Adjustable Slider Length, 55cm, 110cm and 165cm.
  • High Strength Carbon Fiber

The Controller Function Setup Support:

  • Support Start position and End position preset on the controller.
  • Auto return to the start position with return button.
  • For Video, Moving speed can be preset on the controller
  • There are 2 modes for timelapse:
  • Mode 1: Camera is controlled by the slider, all parameters can be setup on the controller of the slider, such as: shutter speed, interval, total photos
  • Mode 2, Slier is controlled by your camera, the slider will work in Move Shoot Move manner.

 User manual for Motorized Slider