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Upgraded Version SiFo Passive Motorized Pan/Tilt Rotator for Timelapse and Panorama

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  • Purpose: Star Tracking, Timelapse and Panorama.
  • Mechanism: It works by adjusting the angle of rotation, not the speed of rotation, with seven options: Star Mode, 0.05, 0.075, 0.1 and 0.125 degrees per picture. Therefore, you control the speed based on the angle selected, and the interval set on your timer (you need a separate timer/intervalometer, which are inexpensive). The longer the interval you set, the slower of the rotation. Once you are done taking a picture (which the unit ‘knows’ through the hot-shoe cable), the unit will turn the defined angle, which means that the camera is not turning while the picture is being taken.
  • Check Mr.Gunther's Review from LRTimelapse.com:

  • Key Features:
Weightless (450g), Compact (1.7" x 3.15" x 3.9")

    Thanks to its small weight and dimension, it presents your already heavy bag more space and weight.

    One Cable Fits All Your Cameras

    Do not need different cables for your cameras. Check Quick Setup

    Ultra Long Battery Life

      Supports to take 3000 shots. This meets most of the daily usage.

      Passive Motorized Design

        No confliction with your camera's built-in App, compatible with most cameras that has a hot shoe port. Check Why Passive Design

        Innovative Worm Gear System

          Our worm-gear self-lock mechanism presents two key benefits: Top-Level Move Shoot Move performance and Super Long Battery Life. Check Worm Gear SystemCheck Move Shoot Move


          Size 1.7" x 3.15" x 3.9" (4.3cm x 8cm x 9.9cm)
          Weight 1.01 lbs (450g)
          Max Load 3Kg
          Step Options [0.05°/step], [0.075°/step], [0.1°/step], [0.125°/step], [2°/step(200mm)], [9°/step(35mm)], [Star Tracking Mode (360° in 24hrs)]
          Input DC5.0V 1.0A Max
          Battery Life 3000 Shots
          Battery Recharge 1 hour
          Charging Indicator Yellow Led (Charging), Green Led (Charging Completed)
          Warranty One Year

          PACKING LIST
          • SiFo Rotator         x1
          • Hot-shoe Cable    x1
          • Charging Cable    x1
          • 1/4 to 3/8 Adapter x1




          User Manual: User Manual V1.0: English

            Demo Instruction: