Trigger rotator by an intervalometer
Trigger rotator by an intervalometer
Trigger rotator by an intervalometer

Trigger rotator by an intervalometer

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Hi Friends,

Recently, we receive many inquiries on the intervalometer.  Please allow me to explain more here. 

So first, we need to know the Rotator has 2 modes:

Star Tracking mode, and Move Shoot Move mode (time-lapse mode).

What's the difference between them?  Let me show you:

Star tracking mode:  The Rotator rotates automatically, NO NEED triggering. 

Once you set it to Star Tracking mode, the Rotator will automatically rotate continuously at an even speed, with no stop. (It rotates 360° in 24hrs)

The Rotator just rotates automatically.  You do not need to connect your camera's hot shoe to the Rotator. 

So as a star tracker, this Rotator supports any brand of cameras.


Move Shoot Move mode (timelapse mode):  The Rotator rotates by triggering, it NEEDS triggering.

Once you set it to the speeds (numbers), the Rotator is set to Move Shoot Move mode.  Under this mode, the Rotator will not rotate without a trigger signal.  You can imagine it's the slave of the signal.

He is waiting for the signal that tells him to rotate. Once he receives the signal, he will rotate one step, then stop and wait for the next signal to Rotate. 

The Rotator has some requirements for the signal, he can only recognize  Canon, Nikon, and Sony's hot shoe signal.   (That's why Olympus, Fujifilm, and other brands' hot shoe can not trigger the Rotator)

And, later we found: this intervalometer could output the same signal as Canon's hot shoe signal.  So this intervalometer could be used to trigger the Rotator's Move Shoot Move mode.

That's to say, if your camera is Olympus, Fujifilm, Panasonic..etc, then you could also enjoy the Rotator's Move Shoot Move feature with this intervalometer's help.


Below is a video demo for the  Move Shoot Move mode, triggered by the intervalometer.

    If you have any questions on it, feel free to contact us by email or Facebook messenger.

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