Bluetooth Early Bird Program

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Bluetooth connection introduction:
  • iOS, Android both supported.
  • Compatible with ALL camera brands.
  • The app is used to set up the parameters of shooting. 
  • After setting up, Bluetooth disconnection is ok. No need to keep connecting to the Rotator.
Main Features in Bluetooth Version:
Star Tracking Mode:
  • Full speed
  • Half speed
Timelapse Mode:
supports working in 2 different ways:
  • Camera controls the Rotator as before.
  • Rotator controls the camera, no need an extra intervalometer.
  • Route Replay.
Video Shooting Mode:
  • Shooting video together with your slide.
Panorama Mode:
  • Custom mode
  • 360 mode
  • 720 mode
  • Route Replay

API Port for further customization

  • Programmable for further customization. (Programming skill is needed)