MSM Bluetooth Version- timelapse, Panoramic, Star Tracker- Early Bird Program

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The origin of the Bluetooth version:
  1. Improve all the limitation mentioned in the knob version.
  2. Strengthen the timelapse function with the unlimited setting.
  3. Adding the ability to allow the Rotator to work in active mode (Camera in slave mode)
  4. Strengthen the Panorama function with the unlimited setting.
  5. Adding 1/2 speed to star tracker mode.
  6. Improve Compatibility to support all cameras.
Bluetooth connection introduction:
  • iOS, Android compatible.
  • Compatible with ALL camera brands.
  • After setting up, the Bluetooth disconnection is allowed. 
Star Tracking Mode:
  • Full speed
  • 1/2 speed
Timelapse Mode:
More simple to do time place, just set up the start and ending position, and the total photos you need, the Rotator will calculate the step of each shot. No need any calculation.
supports working in 2 different ways:
  • Camera controls the Rotator as before.
  • Rotator controls the camera, no need an extra intervalometer.
  • Route Replay.
Video Shooting Mode:
  • Shooting video together with your slide.
Panorama Mode: You can set up any angle after each shoot. 
  • Custom mode
  • 360 mode
  • 720 mode
  • Route Replay

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      Great tracker

      I have achieved good results using MSM tracker. It's a very cost-effective and convenient way to get into long-exposure astrophotography.