60x60 Binoculars

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Are you looking for low light night vision binoculars?  These are exactly what you’ve been looking for.  With our long range binoculares you’ll be able to see things up close from a very long distance away.

Strong Lens – Magnified by 60×60, these high powered binoculars enable you to see things 1000 yards away as if they were right in front of you.

Many Uses – Use them for bird watching, hunting or even to spy on your neighbor down the road.

Coated Lens –  These binoculars feature triple coated lenses to use in daylight until dusk with enhanced visibility. 

Night Vision – They can be used at night at outdoor concerts.  They are not made to see in the pitch black of night without a light source.  


Magnification: 60 times
Objective Diameter: 50mm
Angle: 8.2 degree
Minimum focusing distance: 5.0m
Exit Pupil Diameter: 5.0mm
Horizon: 17mm
Relative brightness: 25.00
Water fog: yes
Night vision: Support
Size: 145 x 175mm
Color: Black

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