Move Shoot Move SiFo™ Rotator Partner Review Program

Dear Partner,

Thanks for your interest to work with us. In order to better serve all our partners, we now create this document to make it easier to start.

It's not free at the beginning, but more than free at last. This is the ideal procedure we've cooperated with many other influencers and ensures that we both benefit from this cooperation.

Below is the detail information, feel free to contact us anytime! Happy Shooting!

It consistent below sections:

  • Partner requirement
  • Review format
  • Rewards
  • Work Procedure


  • Has no less than 500 valid followers in any of below platforms.
  • Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, 500px,etc
  • administrator of a dedicated Facebook group/forums
  • Or, website traffic is traceable by third-party web monitor.

Acceptable review format

  • Youtube Video 
  • Blog and sharing
  • Facebook sharing
  • And any other social sharing activity


Stage 1, before you do the review

  •  $20 starter cash back coupon
  • 10% starter commission affiliate ink

Stage 2: After you do the review  (Pay directly to your PayPal account)

  • $50 instant cash back for Video + Facebook/Instagram review
  • 10% of the generated sales from your affiliate link.

Stage 3: Final Partner

  • Referred more than 3 orders, full cash back of your order. 
  • Referred more than 10 orders, special partner commission rate applied.

Work Procedure

  1. DM or Email us for work confirmation, we will provide the start coupon for you. Also, register your affiliate link with us, your PayPal email for us to transfer money to you.
  2. Place the order with your start coupon code.
  3. MSM ship the product 
  4. Collect order and arrange the review 
  5. Update MSM with your review link (youtube link, Instagram link, blog link..etc)
  6. Review Cash Back arranged instantly
  7. Commission Transferred further.

 If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Best regards,

Move Shoot Move