Move Shoot Move Rotator/Star Tracker Pan Tilt Head
MSM Move Shoot Move Rotator/Star Tracker Pan Tilt Head
MSM Rotator Move Shoot Move Rotator/Star Tracker  GAUDA Pan Tilt Head
Kantelkop tot 5Kg
MSM Move Shoot Move Rotator/Star Tracker Pan Tilt Head
MSM GAUDA Move Shoot Move Rotator/Star SiFo Tracker Pan Tilt Head

Kantelkop tot 5Kg

Normale prijs

•Deze kantel-kop wordt gebruikt om uw Rotator op uw statief te plaatsen.

•In vergelijking met een balhoofd is het gemakkelijker om de stand van uw Rotator in te stellen.

•Hij kan tot 5 kg dragen.


•360 ° rotatie, ingebouwde waterpas 

•90 ° naar voren en 90 ° naar achteren te kantelen

•Volledig Duurzame constructie van aluminium legering

•Speciale hoek schaalverdeling voor elke beweging die is ontworpen voor makkelijke zichtbaarheid, bevorderen een snelle, herhaalbare en nauwkeurige positionering van het apparaat

Gewicht: 355 g (12,48 oz)

Veilig laadvermogen: 5 kg (11,02 lbs)

Materiaal: aluminium

Diameter voet: 55 mm (2,16 inch)

Waterpas: bovenkant 1, zijkant 2

bovenkant Bevestiging: 1/4 ″ schroef

Bodem: 3/8 ″ draad

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Anthony Chuang (Franklin Park, US)
Best compact star tracker

The MSM star tracker is the perfect portable star tracker. Most other are way to big to carry around and set up.

Emidio (Rome, IT)

very good as usual

Atanu Bandyopadhyay (Beaverton, US)
Pan-Tilt head

I am overall happy with this. It is neat, compact enough and the latitude markers are definitely helpful. However, a couple of points no note..
1) I am always afraid of it gradually sloping down
2) Lack of fine tuning the inclination
Having said that I am in love with it and will definitely recommend to friends

gerald chivers Chivers (Hobart, AU)

Pan-tilt head upto 5Kg - Pre order

Herr Peter Leuzinger (Wangen, CH)
Cost effective way to track the night sky

Excellent customer service, fast delivery and good products

Steven "MrRat" Barnes (Dothan, US)
Very stable mount

Being able to control which direction it moves at any given time makes this mount much easier to to use for polar alignment than a ball head.

Richard Carlson Carlson (Grass Valley, US)
MSM pan and tilt head

I was impressed with the quality of this product. the machining is excellent and motion of the unit in both directions is smooth and sure. Angle markings are a plus.

Rob (Auckland, NZ)
Excellent In the S Hemisphere

Really pleased with the items. In particular the ability to align the S celestial pole. It looks like I got it pretty much spot on first time. Works well with my Cameras

Pieza de compra obligatoria

Este cabezal permite ubicar la estrella polar o Polaris en el hemisferio sur de forma rápida y precisa, es una compra obligatoria para mejorar la precisión al momento de tomar fotos de larga exposición.

Saludos desde Perú.

Paulo Ferreira (Lisbon, PT)
Pan-and-Tilt Head an awesome tripod head

The Pan-and-Tilt Head tipod head is a very good tripod head that performs very well with the Move-Shoot-Move star tracker and with any photo or video camera that you attach to it. It is very sturdy and strong, keeping the equipment that you attach to it very stable without any movement. The adjustment controls are also very fluid and good. It is the perfect tripod head for astrophotography because it allows for the alignment of the equipment with the latitude and with the Polar Star (North Hemisphere) easily. I'm very satisfied with the product and strongly recomend it to everyone.