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Tridaptor 3 axis

looks well made. Have not used it yet, waiting for something to arrive.

Very happy with this product
I have used many times
Very good quality


Love the size and added load capacity of this tracker - perfect for longer treks on foot.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Dale L (Hampstead, GB)
Great service as always

I broke my polar scope light. Hannah was great at sorting everything out and making sure I got the right items
The order shipped quickly and was received in a timely manner
I always find the company responsive and they are very helpful with any queries

Great device and outstanding customer service

Bought the MSM rotator for a trip to Utah. Although the device was out of stock, customer service helped me get it delivered before I headed out for vacation. This is my first attempt at using a rotator, although it has a learning curve, the videos are helpful to set it up. Now I only need to find a set up that would help me compose better. Will definitely get the z mounts! Overall, very satisfied with my purchase and the service I received

Super Fast Alignment

I took this out in my front yard for the first time and I had alignment within just a few seconds that was good enough for 2 minute exposures. I haven't tried anything beyond two minutes because I'm still using the factory base for the Sky Guider Pro and once I've upgraded to the Williams Optics base for my tracker then I'll try longer exposure times. It's a great product. I'm 6'5" so getting down on the ground to look thru the reticle was a real pain. I'm very impressed with this little setup. It took it a minute to get it from overseas. It would have been nice if they stocked those items in the U.S.

Tridaptor 3-Axis Smartphone Adapter for Phone Scope Digiscoping, eyepieces (0.86in ~ 2.4in) -Black Friday Sale is ON🎁🏃🏃

Ski Watcher Adventure 2i MSM Laser Kit

This Laser kit is ideal for the Sky Watcher Adventure 2i which fits perfect and allows alignment with Polaris. After lining it up you can use the embedded scope to fine-tune your alignment. I am glad I purchased it!

Significant improvement over MSM, but some issues still

I love the new interface with the screw on ring, but I have found that the Z plate loosens when I use it, making me have to take the whole assembly apart to tighten it, which is a giant pain when I am out in the field. I finally got to the point of gluing it on.
The other issue I have is when I mount it to the Benro geared head, I did have to mount it sideways so the knobs are not in the way. I would love to see an adaptor to make it a bit taller so I can mount it the normal way on my tripod. I am still trying to get used to using the right knobs for adjusting and have used the wrong one ending up with a tilt I didn’t want. I am happy that I can use a higher payload allowing me to use the heavier 200mm lens I have, but would love to see some tweaks to make it perfect.


Arrived in a timely manor , the lights themselves seem to work as advertised but the rubber covering the button is hard to press in the cold.
For the price I think they are a worthwhile item.

Finally! the red light is available on its own!

Very nice headlight! Great to have the red light available on its own!

ZV Mount

I love this. It’s stable I like the release so I can adjust level with the MSM rotating.

Skywatcher Star Adventurer GTi / Skywatcher Star Adventurer/Skywatcher Star Adventurer2i//Skywatcher Star Adventurer mini/iOptron Skyguider Pro- MSM Laser Kit

This filter makes a difference

I shoot most of my Milkyway photos in Joshua tree, ca and there is a visible light pollution from the nearest town. This filter helped to neutralize the pollution. It’s good to have it in your arsenal.

Not yet...

I would love to review it but I have yet to use it. I will be going to Alaska soon, so when I return.

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Jamie Murdoch (Brighton, GB)
My new adjustable laser arrived faulty

I will not give my review untill I have sent back the laser for a return as I have not been able to use it as it is !


I happened to stumble across this product while looking for something else on your website. I love the “V” bracket. I always keep it attached to my MSM. Now I want to get the “Y” bracket. Bracket is well built. I did have a shipping problem, which MSM quickly corrected. Great product!

Ball head to connect camera
Rick Buffaloe (Henderson, US)
Nomad is a great Astrophotography tool.

If only had Tim to use my Nomad a couple of times and it has produced awesome Milky Way photos. It’s is very small and compact and easy to use. I love it.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Robert Bracken (Glendora, US)
Easy peasy

The simplicity of the Nomade and sturdy structure are the strong points which opens up the stars and a universe of potential adventure creative photography.
I do hope some type of manual will be created to help novices answer questions that may arise.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Robert Bracken (Glendora, US)
Easy peasy

The simplicity of the Nomade and sturdy structure are the strong points which opens up the stars and a universe of potential adventure creative photography.
I do hope some type of manual will be created to help novices answer questions that may arise.

Good product

Work like should and is easy to use.Only minus i give is that another pad piece came off, which stop phone sliding and my phone slip off when tighten it.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Andreas Nitsch (Auckland, NZ)
Polar scope for move dhoot movr

It is a good quality. Needs a bit of reading an preperation to use it. To get everything in focus you need to adopt it to your eyes and an the other side get the focus for the stars .i glued in a self lighting tape to light the tubus and the scale after highlighted with a torch. Seems that is functioning very good!
If the polarscope should be very precise you should look thrie it at daylight and habe a look for a house chimmney or so. After twisting the PS for 180 degrees the vhimnry should stay in the same place. If not there are very little screews 3
Just loose one for 30 degrees and tighten the opposite for that amount. You should half the error distance by doing this a several times. Then test it again. Good luck for your alignment to the stars!!!

Lens warmer

Wish it had a little battery but works as expected - great addition

Perfect adapter

I bought the 3-axis adapter because I wanted to attach my phone to my Celestron Skymaster 15*70. It works very well, and is really strong. The customer service is also excellent ! I could only recommand it, it's a little bit more expensive than 2-axis ones, but worth the money ! Don't hesitate ;)

Great initial impressions!

I've had my Nomade tracker for about a month now. Preliminary data on a few clear nights are looking awesome. I love the portability, ease of use and the rock solid tracking even with a big 200mm lens. Thanks MSM!