Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography
Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography

Phone Mount for Polar Alignment & Milkyway Photography

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Hi friends,

Thanks to Mr.Steven who kept pushing us on this, also thanks to Stephen Dyer, he suggested this mount from last year.

Finally, it's ready!

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, this phone mount is a must-have.

Please feel free to contact us anytime, any questions.



Why do I need it?

Actually there are many cases when laser pointers or polar scopes are not possible in field, so polar alignment with phone apps is quite convenient from this aspect and a phone mount is in need then.

Here are some common situations when you would like to use it:

  • in countries like Australia and Switzerland where laser pointers are mostly banned
  • when buildings, mountains, etc. blocking the sky ahead of you that you could not point to Polaris
  • in locations such as airports and observatories where laser pointers are not allowed


For polar alignment with phones, the Phone Mount is adjustable, easy to use, and light-weight, with the phone-holder part free to rotate.

  • free to rotate the phone-holder part
  • extendable grip enabling to adjust the phone-holder part for your phone size
  • soft padding to securely holds your device
  • fit for both 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 screws



Wide compatibility: 62mm-90mm, 4.5”-7.3”

Max load: 2kg

Item weight: 0.352lbs(0.16kg)

Material: aluminum alloy


How to do polar alignment with phones?

  1. Set up well your Rotator and camera.
  2. Mount the Phone Mount to the Rotator, your phone to the Phone Mount.
  3. Open a planetarium app and go to its AR feature, look for North/South Pole(depends on the hemisphere you're in) with the app. 
4. Adjust your setup's gesture until your phone is aligned with polar on the app.

    There you go, ready to shoot!



    How to mount it?

    1. Screw the Phone Mount onto a rig, the side of the Rotator facing at the ground in the case of polar alignment.
    2. Mount your phone to it and lock it well by controlling the knobs.
    3. Align the edge of your phone with the edge of the Rotator.
    4. Lock the position by rotating the knob on the other side compared to your phone.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Hao-Chih Huang (Yilan, TW)
    Phone Mount Works Very Well

    Phone Mount is very easy and quickly to set up, which I then aligned using Polar Scope Align Pro app. Tracking 30 seconds images to stack at 20mm becomes very easy.

    Ankur Rapria (Delhi, IN)
    Its good n simple

    Ploar alignment has never been made such a easy one. Its easy n one can use app to polar alignment.

    Rafael Conceicao (Sao Joao da Madeira, PT)
    Super portable and lightweight tracker

    Very happy with the results I’m getting with this super portable tracker!

    It’s tracking precision is really great for exposures up to 2 mins with a wide angle lens and the fact that you can polar align with a laser makes the workflow from setup to capturing the night skies a no brainer - no fiddling with a polar scope.

    I have also purchased the MSM mobile phone holder and have found that it is quite precise doing the polar alignment with the the PhotoPils app - great for when you can’t use the laser or have a clear view of the North Star.

    Another great thing since I bought the MSM rotator is that there has been constant development of new products to complement this little device and make shooting the night skies a even more pleasurable experience.

    R Kerr (Chester-le-Street, GB)
    Phone Mount Works Very Well

    Mount is easy to set up, which I then aligned using the Night AR function in the Photopills app. I managed to track for 90 seconds at 24mm with pinpoint stars..
    I'm confident of longer when I get the chance to use it in the longer nights in the UK.
    Haven't yet tried the laser, but it's quicker than using the Polar Scope

    didi1605 (Rota, ES)
    Works like a charm

    Works like a charm for me. I am very satisfied with th product

    Generally satisfied

    Locking is solid and stable. It is also compact and lightweight when folded.
    However, I wish the width was a little slimmer. My tracker has a polar scope near the polar axis, and this head is in the way, making it difficult to correct the polar alignment after pointing the camera at the target object.

    Glen Tillyard (Leicester, GB)
    Really useful addition to the MSM accessories.

    This mount is a great for aligning the MSM before it gets dark. I easily get 2-minute exposures with a wide-angle lens but you can always confirm things with laser or polar scope once it gets dark.

    Carl Bostek (Montrose, US)
    Holds phone securely but needs tweaking.

    As you can see in the product images on the MSM shopping page, the holder doesn’t align exactly with the rotator when it’s screwed on, so you have to align the phone by rotating the ball head holding it. That works fine when using PhotoPills AR to center the NCP. But be aware that there is a little bit of lateral play at the ball head (about6 degrees in each direction on my holder), so when setting up the holder, measure the distance of each arm to the rotator to be sure they are equal, otherwise your NCP alignment will be off a few degrees.

    Rob Bristow (Auckland, NZ)
    The quality of the product

    I have not as yet used the unit and have been waiting for the phone mount. I live in the southern hemisphere and the difficulty of locating the south pole axis has now been made a lot easier. With winter here and clear nights I am hoping to go to Lake Tekapo - a designated World Clear sky area to test the unit. I am confident in the unit as it has been produced with care and delivered to the highest standard. I cannot yet review its performance but I expect it to provide everything an amateur like me could hope for. Rob

    jamie hassall (Stamford, GB)
    Move shoot move

    Small, simple and does a great job!. I bought for when travelling as others are combersone but this is exactly what I wanted and does and excellent job, even using in the day for daytime lapse photos it's great.