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OK bit of kit

Works well; simple to use.
No muss; no fuss

Best phone adapter

I bought 2 adapters before this one and none of those were as good as this one. Good materials, 3 axis is what you need good quality. Really recommend

Excellent value tool & servise

I purchased the green laser pointer along with the iOptron mount accessory. The purchase & delivery process was smooth & the delivery was as advised at the start of the transaction. The device itself is of good quality however the instructions need to be more thorough otherwise in terms of calibration and unpacking the battery insulation discs (there are 2 & you can initially see only one!). However as soon as these testing issues are resolved, the device operates smoothly. The battery charger is provided with the device - useful item!


It works I can take 2 minutes long photos and the stars are still a spot. I need to learn how to stack now

Wedge for precise polar alignment
Wedge is a game changer!

I've had great results with my MSM mounted to pan/tilt head with arca swiss plate. Achieving accurate alignment with laser is easy. As I tried a bit longer lenses, Rokinon 135mm, it became clear that my set up wasn't effective. After watching several YouTube videos, I decided to try the MSM wedge. I'm a bit disappointed in the overall quality of the wedge. The latitude drifts despite being tightened as much as possible. The azimuth adjustment knobs could be smoother. They are a bit glitchy. Being able to mount the Polar Scope +/- Laser is a challenge as there is only a minute amt of space between the knobs and alignment devices. That said, I think the wedge makes a huge difference to the effectiness and ease of alignment.

Excellent product and fantastic service

Really enjoying the MSM and the laser sight! Makes astrophotography super easy and the price is great! 100% recommmend

Even fits on the Swarovski ATX eyepiece

Most of the adapters don't fit on the eyepiece of the Swarovski ATX spottingscope. This one does. And with the right telephone, it will auto-focus for sharp images. I'm very pleased with this adapter


its working just fine

The Perfect Astro-photographer's Imaging Accessory!

I recently got my hands on the Move Shoot Move 3-Axis Smartphone Adapter for Telescope, and let me tell you, it's an absolute game-changer for all you astrophotography fanatics out there! The first thing that caught my eye was the sleek all-metal gears – talk about craftsmanship! It feels sturdy and durable, ready to tackle the great outdoors with ease.

Now, what sets this adapter apart is its genius design. Forget about those fiddly single-axis adapters; this bad boy comes with three directional knobs (X, Y, and Z axis) that make aligning your phone's camera with the eyepiece a breeze. No more struggling – in just seconds, you'll have perfect alignment, freeing you up to focus on capturing that jaw-dropping image.

Ease of use is crucial, and the Move Shoot Move adapter nails it. Swapping eyepieces is a walk in the park with those three-axis adjustment knobs. And let's talk compatibility – it plays nice with a range of mobile phone models, from Samsung and Google to Apple's latest offerings. Plus, it's versatile with eyepieces of various diameters, so you're covered no matter your setup.

But wait, there's more! The package includes a Bluetooth shutter release. That means fewer vibrations from touch-related movements, resulting in crisper images. It's a thoughtful addition that elevates the whole experience.

In a nutshell, the Move Shoot Move 3-Axis Smartphone Adapter for Telescope is not just an accessory; it's a must-have for any serious astrophotographer. With its robust build, ingenious design, user-friendly features, broad compatibility, and the bonus of a Bluetooth shutter release, it's a total game-changer. Don't miss out – this is the key to taking your astrophotography to the next level! Submitted by: Dave Reneke. Mid North Coast Astronomy group (Australia)

Shipped and received promptly and in good condition.

Tridaptor 3 axis

looks well made. Have not used it yet, waiting for something to arrive.

Very happy with this product
I have used many times
Very good quality


Love the size and added load capacity of this tracker - perfect for longer treks on foot.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Dale L (Hampstead, GB)
Great service as always

I broke my polar scope light. Hannah was great at sorting everything out and making sure I got the right items
The order shipped quickly and was received in a timely manner
I always find the company responsive and they are very helpful with any queries

Great device and outstanding customer service

Bought the MSM rotator for a trip to Utah. Although the device was out of stock, customer service helped me get it delivered before I headed out for vacation. This is my first attempt at using a rotator, although it has a learning curve, the videos are helpful to set it up. Now I only need to find a set up that would help me compose better. Will definitely get the z mounts! Overall, very satisfied with my purchase and the service I received

Laser Kit

The Star Adventurer's polar scope barrel has a diameter of 29.9 mm. The knurled ring on the polar scope has a diameter of 30.0 mm. When the laser pointer housing is mounted on the polar scope it will sit at an angle because the two points of contact are not the same distance from the axis of the polar scope. So while the laser may be pointing at Polaris, the axis of the polar scope won't be which means that the RA axis of the Star Adventurer will be describing a circle in the sky. This could result in star trails or blurry images during a long exposure.

Super Fast Alignment

I took this out in my front yard for the first time and I had alignment within just a few seconds that was good enough for 2 minute exposures. I haven't tried anything beyond two minutes because I'm still using the factory base for the Sky Guider Pro and once I've upgraded to the Williams Optics base for my tracker then I'll try longer exposure times. It's a great product. I'm 6'5" so getting down on the ground to look thru the reticle was a real pain. I'm very impressed with this little setup. It took it a minute to get it from overseas. It would have been nice if they stocked those items in the U.S.

Tridaptor 3-Axis Smartphone Adapter for Phone Scope Digiscoping, eyepieces (0.86in ~ 2.4in) -Black Friday Sale is ON🎁🏃🏃

Ski Watcher Adventure 2i MSM Laser Kit

This Laser kit is ideal for the Sky Watcher Adventure 2i which fits perfect and allows alignment with Polaris. After lining it up you can use the embedded scope to fine-tune your alignment. I am glad I purchased it!

Significant improvement over MSM, but some issues still

I love the new interface with the screw on ring, but I have found that the Z plate loosens when I use it, making me have to take the whole assembly apart to tighten it, which is a giant pain when I am out in the field. I finally got to the point of gluing it on.
The other issue I have is when I mount it to the Benro geared head, I did have to mount it sideways so the knobs are not in the way. I would love to see an adaptor to make it a bit taller so I can mount it the normal way on my tripod. I am still trying to get used to using the right knobs for adjusting and have used the wrong one ending up with a tilt I didn’t want. I am happy that I can use a higher payload allowing me to use the heavier 200mm lens I have, but would love to see some tweaks to make it perfect.


Arrived in a timely manor , the lights themselves seem to work as advertised but the rubber covering the button is hard to press in the cold.
For the price I think they are a worthwhile item.

Finally! the red light is available on its own!

Very nice headlight! Great to have the red light available on its own!

Does work well in the cold

Even with a fully charged battery it does not shine brightly enough if it gets cold. So far I've only used it in 40 to 50 degree weather and unless I've kept it warm by keeping it in my front pocket hey could not be useful. If I had to use it again even a few minutes later it would not be bright enough to be useful.
It does make the initial polar alignment much easier And where I have a small battery pack and a lens warmer that I can use to keep it warm I'm happy with what I have.

ZV Mount

I love this. It’s stable I like the release so I can adjust level with the MSM rotating.