Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador
Buscador polar con iluminador

Buscador polar con iluminador

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Hola amigos,

Debido a la excesiva demanda del buscador polar, el lote del 15 de julio se ha agotado. Se espera que las nuevas existencias para el almacén de CN lleguen el 21 de julio y las del almacén de EE.UU. el 30 de julio.

Equipo MSM 20 de julio. 2020


Buenas noticias,

Hola amigos, el iluminador finalmente está listo, lo añadiremos a todos los nuevos pedidos a partir de hoy.

Está incluido en el buscador polar, no hay necesidad de comprarlo por separado.

Para nuestros usuarios que compraron antes, por favor contáctenos para obtener el iluminador gratis, sólo pague los $6.95 de gastos de envío estará bien.


Equipo MSM

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Terry Koman (Pittsburgh, US)
90 degree polar scope

Make PA much easier

Georg Benzer (Berlin, DE)
Nachthimmel Fotografie für jedermann

Wunderbar leichtes Gerät für die Sternenfotografie.

Toby Young (Konarskie, PL)
My favourite tracker to date!

I have used my MSM several times in the field and I am delighted with the results I have obtained with it. The instructions come with hints on how to test your MSM before trying it out in the field and I consider that time well worth spent. I now use my MSM to pohtograph constellations and some deep sky objects. It takes little practice to lean how ot set up, calibrate, and run a set of photographic sequences. The laser pointer is simple to point to Polaris and holds its alignment very well for whots of up to a minute (I have not tried longer yet). I have had success with a Samyang 14mm and a Sigma 50mm Art lens. I will be pushing the boundaries of this little star tracker with longer exposure times and a Samyang 135mm lens. The MSM came well packed, ready to go, and I have not had any trouble with it yet. My main niggle is, that the instructions are rather difficult to make sense of - though it is worth the time and effort to read. Additionally, the laser pointer I received does not see to want to be properly calibrated - it is off center after adjustment. While this has not been a problem with wide field photography, I am concerned about using the 135mm lens as it is. Despite all of that, I heartily recommend the MSM. It is a more than capable travel star tracker and will remain in my collection indefinitely for those grab-and-go moments.

Tim Chapman (Grimsby, GB)
Polar Scope replacement

Polar scope replaced by MSM very swiftley (thankyou MSM). Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to use yet due to usual problems with weather in UK.

Jose Luis Sosa (Marbella, ES)
muy satisfecho

producto muy adecuado a mis pretenciones y sobre todo el trato exquisito de todos los que componen la empresa muchas gracias por todo los que estan hay siempre al servicio y a resorver todas las cuestiones y dudas.

Mauro Maestri (Godo, IT)

Polar Scope and Accessories

Fabian Pfeifhofer (Munich, DE)
Great product for a reasonable price.

With the Polar Scope, polar alignment is much more accurate and helps me taking longer exposure with my tracker. highly recommended.

Therm (Leesburg, US)
Super easy to align

I had heard polar alignment was difficult, putting the right angle adapter on it makes it a breeze. I’ve had 3 minute exposures with no star trails and perfect alignment within 90 seconds

Grzegorz Dutkowski (Dublin, IE)
Great product fir begginer and lovely customer service.

For my photography MSM is great addition and mist have fie the start with astrophotography

Martin Bokůvka (Zlín, CZ)
lovely gizmo

I love my new polar scope. Even when not calibrated, this little gizmo allowed me to do precise polar allignment on 200-300 mm focal lenght. With help of Polar clock app, polar allignment is super easy.
Do not forget to buy angle viewfinder.