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Star Focus at last

The star focus work great, I found it working well through all my lenses (on canon crop) 11 mm - 50 mm - 135 mm up to 600 mm. Drawback is you have to be careful to not move your focus (or zoom!) when you screw it off (a magnet focus ring would best). Usually needs to zoom the view to 10x to get a really clean view of the pattern. About being out of focus after alignement: I didn't have this issue, but be aware that if you measure in cold environment you need to wait for your gear to reach a constant temperature, I seen my focus being off after a while and need readjustment mid session because I didn't let it stabilize..

Polar Scope and Accessories
William Trigoso (San Antonio, US)
Awesome polar scope

Polar scope and the reticular pattern are great. I am able to polar-align in minutes. in areas with low intermediate light pollution using the laser along with the polar scope make things a lot easier. The fluorescent eliminator make things extremely easy in the dark. I am new to this hobby. This is the second stacked picture I took, a otal of 28 pictures of 45 sseconds each. I wish I ccould have taken more but the clouds covered the sky soon after. I used a Canon t3i with an EF 100-300 lens.

Polar Scope and Accessories
Grant Demetrioff (Winnipeg, CA)
Great Product

Very well made . Thanks Very Much

Benro 3-Way Geared Head (GD3WH)
KAREN B. (Erie, US)
Benro Geared Head

So far so good! Easier to do night sky photography.

Lens Heater Band - A must for cold weather

I did receive my product but have not needed to use it yet. It appears to be a very nice piece of gear and I'm sure it will serve me well.

Great Little super portable star tracker

This thing is super compact and very easy to setup and use. Great StarTracker fits in a backpack without any issue!

Excellent premium phone adapter - Highly recommended

I am an experienced astrophotographer so I expect a lot from my equipment. I tested the Tridapter extensively with my telescopes, binoculars, and spotting scope and it performed admirably. It is very well built, precise, and easy to use. Well worth the price. You can see my full review on YouTube at AbdurAstro. YouTube video placeholder
Nomad much improved over original rotator

The ball head attachment does not slip al all, I always had trouble with slippage on the original. The screw in laser pointer mount is a great improvement over the previous flimsy attachment bracket. I never used the pano rotator mode so not having it is no loss.

Top Level!

Very high performing monoculars. I'm very impressed.
I’ve made a review on YouTube about out: YouTube video placeholder
Precise and useful

The bracket does what it promised: holds my phone squarely over the eyepiece even inside its Otter-type case. I'm pleased with the well-machined stainless steel lead screws, which allow fine adjustment. I ordered the Bluetooth remote shutter release which worked fine with my iPhone 8+.

Works well. I'm impressed.

While the paper instructions are not clear, and I was too impatient (and I had just one clear, moonless night before weather closed in, again) to try using the Nomad, so did not watch any videos, I had enough info to guess my way to setting the Nomad up, attach the Laser (the screw in attachment is slick) and try a few short star tracked photos - before I got too cold (think winter snow and ice). I need to play/experiment some more, to learn what camera settings work best for me, but I like the Nomad. Its is compact, solid and works. I have a fluid head, three ball heads to choose from and a solid tripod, so used those for support.

Buen producto

Recomendable 100%

Pointer for Polar Alignment
Simon (Canmore, CA)
Excellent customer service

I placed my order and paid the extra for expedited shipping. As I tracked the shipment it appeared to have stalled. I contacted MSM and they replied within a couple of hours apologizing for the mixup and without any prompting from me they refunded the extra I had paid for shipping. After waiting a few more days and seeing no further movement MSM readily agreed to send another shipment that arrived promptly. I haven't had a chance to use the gear but I wanted to offer this review to give MSM kudos for their customer service.

Mejorado el MSM Rotator

El nuevo MSM NOMAD es más compacto y ligero que el Rotator y muy sencillo de usar. Estará siempre en la mochila para las salidas nocturnas.

Skywatcher MSM Laser Kit Streamlines polar aligning of your mount or star tracker

Last week I used the laser kit on my Skywatcher EQ-35 Pro and HEQ5 Pro mounts to initially point them toward Polaris. This let me do a faster, course orientation of mounts toward the North over my usual process of doing this by hand or using an app called PS Align Pro. When I then did my fine polar alignment with an ASIAIR & guide scope., the process was much faster since I started with equipment set up already properly aligned. I really like the feature that this same laser kit can be using on these mounts and my Star Adventurer star tracker. If you can see Polaris where you use your star tracker, the laser kit is a handy device to have.

The MSM Laser Kit works!

This device is advertised as a time saver. It works! In a Bortle 3-4 zone, I'm not always sure where Polaris is. Set my Star Adventurer (2i) to the proper coordinates, affixed the MSM Laser to the SA, turned it on, and followed the laser to its end with binoculars. ...Voila! Polaris was in the binocular view. All in 5 minutes or less. I appreciate devices that do as they claim. This one does.

Regarding v mount claim...

The v mount was not completely folded when fully folded and there was a slight gap.
A slight gap was disturbing the level, and this gap wanted to be improved...
I have filed a claim for this issue with msm.
However, so far no one involved has emailed me regarding this relationship.
What do you think about this issue?

HSM and Nomad

I own both the MSM and Nomad. Plus, the L and Z mounting bases.The mounting bracket that came with the MSM that holds the laser and polar scope, is totally useless for calibrating the laser you need to bring back the laser only mount as used in your video on how to center the laser beam. Both units are great, just bring back the original laser ONLY mounting bracket. Bruce

Benro 3-Way Geared Head (GD3WH)
Frank Jennings (Allentown, US)
First attempt

On my first clear night I was able to laser align in seconds. Critical because of high volume of air traffic. Very few star trails. I think due to not being level to start. Very easy set up and use. Used a benro and a msm head. Seems the photo was toiling large to post here

Star focus filter

This has made my life a lot easier getting pin point focus on the stars with my DSLR. Would highly recommend

Laser mount

I ordered the laser mount for the Sky Watcher Star Adventurer 2i for polar alignment and it came without the screw that it should come with. I sent MSM an email advising them of the missing screw. It's now in the mail. Thanks MSM.

Very easy to set up.

Have not had a chance to try this outside yet but doing a trial setup was straight forward. It just screws in on the underside of the MSM. Put the phone in and PhotoPills works perfectly to align. It should allow tracking when polaris is not visible. Even if it was, I’m interested to see if it’s accurate enough to allow more fine alignment with the polar scope instead of using the laser for rough alignment (use can be very limited by local regulations). So far it’s exactly what’s advertised.

Precise It Is

Very stable and the precise adjustment is great. No looseness or wobble anywhere.