Quick Start for Timelapse Mode of Move Shoot Move Rotator


Preparation: Move Shoot Move Rotator, hot shoe cable, Camera, builtin/external intervalometer, and tripod.

    Screw the Rotator onto your tripod through 3/8 thread and level it.

     Install your ball head on the Rotation Base.
    Mount your camera onto your ball head; Then connect your camera with MSM by hot shoe cable.
 Disable Silent shoot, Disable Live View shoot.
  Choose the Angular Speed you need.  N means rotate clockwise, S means rotates anti-clockwise
        Set your built-in or external Intervalometer. Start your happy shooting!


How to achieve high level timelapse with SiFo Rotaor?

Here we have one timelapse calculator presented by Mr.Aaron Click here to download it(xls), Just play with the calculator, I bet you will then have better understanding of timelapse.