Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer
Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer

Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer

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Move Shoot Move Team
21st Dec 2021


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Sept 8th, 2021


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Move Shoot Move Team
Sept 6th, 2021


Thank you for the feedback and push from our creative users, polar scope mount was added to the R&D plan. After several weeks of hard work, a new mount for polar alignment (PA) has come out! Due to its immense compatibility, we would like to name it Universal Mount.
Grip Stability
These, are the 3 key features we focused on in this new iteration.

Grip Stability

Any PA accessory, be it polar scope or pointer, that was sold by and is on sale from MSM goes through the mount entirely and sits in it securely. Also, the wind would inflict less vibration on the setup.


It can be used as a calibration device to fine-tune the reticle of a polar scope and beam of a laser pointer. With a little adjustment of the tightening bolt, scope and pointer can be turned 360 degrees with ease while keeping their axes aligned all the time. 


We know a lot of astro experts are in favor of a laser pointer alignment first for a rough and quick setup and a polar scope one later for precision. Now you don't have to take one thing out from the mount and install the other in the darkness. With the Add-on Mount (available in Combo package), the pointer and polar scope are like twin brothers that never have to be apart. 

Package Content

◆ Combo

Universal mount

Add-on mount

Hex screwdriver



Material: Aluminum alloy (mainly)

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kevin Jones (London, GB)
Universal mount for polar scope and laser

Excellent mount for mounting either device or both together. Ensures each device sits perfectly straight to the MSM.

Oliver Zhang (Palo Alto, US)
works great

easy to use

Moshe Cohen (Holon, IL)
Very good

Easy to work

Rocky Cox (Lenoir City, US)
The Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer - Combo

In my opinion, The Universal Mount For Polar Scope and Pointer is priceless. It makes it so easy to use the quick action laser pointer to get general alignment, then easily finely tuning your alignment with the polar scope. Both, the laser and scope are effective in their own right, but this mount allows you to truly get the best results with the smallest effort. This mount also allows for a more secure mount for the scope as the scope is inserted deeper through the mount and the mount is grooved with a beefier screw. I believe this piece of the kit isn't essential for everyone, but it is for me!

David Morley (San Jose, US)
I wish I had one.

I can't even buy one of these. I want one...but because Move Shoot Move is located in Hong Kong, Netspend forbids me from buying it...and it's not for sale on their Amazon page.

Stew Shore (Sherwood Park, CA)
Universal Polar Scope & Pointer mount

Received the mount and much easier to work with because I also got the 90 degree viewfinder. Have been out a couple of time to test them but unfortunately things including my body, do not work to well in -30 C weather. Looking forward to warmer weather to check out all my new MSM equipment.

Jerry Dell (Union City, US)
Universal Mount for Polar Scope and Pointer

Finally had some clear skies so I tried using the mount. It attaches easily to the MSM and allows me to quickly find Polaris with the laser and then use the scope to line it up more precisely.

John Little Little (Livonia, US)
Multi-Use Mount

I have a laser mount for my MSM already. I bought the laser mount to mount to my camera's hot shoe. This allows the camera to be accurately sighted on my tareget star. Rather than remove the larger diameter MSM laser, I use a smaller diameter pencil green laser on the camera shoe. My only wish is that the mount's locking bolt was longer to accomodate the thinner laser. I also bought the iphone MSM mount. It is strong as an ox and built to last.

Michael McKeag (Los Angeles, US)
Universal Mount for Polar Scope & Pointer A Great Improvement

The new mount is a huge improvement over its predecessor. Both polar scope and laser pointer mount consistently. With both mounted it is possible to adjust the laser so its pointing coincides with the center of the polar scope. The mount also includes a peep hole. Polar alignment can proceed in three stages: 1) roughly align Polaris in the peep hole, 2) improve centering on Polaris with the laser, 3) complete fine polar alignment with the polar scope. Alignment complete, remove and stow the bracket with polar scope and laser pointer still installed, ready for the next polar alignment.