Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung

Polsucher mit Beleuchtung

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Bitte beachten Sie: Der 3D-Druck-Illuminator wird standardmäßig mit dem Kit "Polar Scope + Illuminator" geliefert.

Danke für Ihr Verständnis!

MSM Team 5. März 2021


Gute Neuigkeiten

Hallo Freunde, die neue Beleuchtung für den Polsucher ist ab sofort lieferbar!

MSM Team 25. Dezember 2020


Hallo Freunde

Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage an Polsuchern müssen wir weitere Versionen in unser Angebot aufnehmen, da es ansonsten regelmäßig zu Lieferengpässen kommen wird.

Nach einer 2-monatigen Testphase bieten wir derzeit 3 ​​Versionen an.

In Bezug auf die Funktion sind alle gleichwertig. Mit allen kann eine genaue Polausrichtung erreicht werden.

Bei allen Polsuchern wird die Beleuchtung KOSTENLOS mitgeliefert.

Um den Versand zu beschleunigen, versenden wir sie nach dem Zufallsprinzip.

Entschuldigen Sie die verursachte Verwirrung. Bei Fragen können uns jederzeit kontaktieren.

Wir sind immer für Sie da!


MSM Team 7. September 2020


Hallo Freunde

Aufgrund der übermäßigen Nachfrage nach Polsuchern ist die Charge vom 15. Juli ausverkauft. Die neue Lieferung für das CN-Lager wird voraussichtlich am 21. Juli und die für das US-Lager am 30. Juli eintreffen.

MSM-Team 20. Juli 2020

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Michael Debreceni (Bothell, US)
Easy alignment, could use clearer instructions

I recently added the polar alignment scope to my Move Shoot Move kit, in order to get a better polar alignment than is possible with the laser. I also bought the 90 degree elbow adapter so that I wouldn't need to crouch awkwardly while getting my alignment right.

Once I figured out how to mount the polar alignment scope and rotate the reticle to the correct position, polar alignment was simple. Clearer instructions would have been helpful here. With this said, the MSM community is very supportive and helpful, should you have questions.

I would have loved to know:
* Should I get version 'A' or 'B' of the kit? I chose A and it worked, but it was not clear which was best for me?
* How do I properly mount the scope into the mounting bracket? The scope clamps in nicely but I wasn't sure I'd positioned it properly, or pushed it far enough in to the bracket. A picture or two would have helped.
* How do I rotate the reticle to match my polar alignment app? I figured this out i the end, but it took a bit of guesswork.

Having said that, once I had this figured out, my resulting alignment was very good - much better than I achieved with the laser.

One other recommendation - if you have a choice between the 3D printed plastic LED illuminator or a machined metal one, pay extra for metal. It's much more durable, should you accidentally drop the alignment scope (ask me how I know).

All in all, I highly recommend the polar alignment scope.

nicola lamascese (Padova, IT)
Very good Polar scope

I bought the polar scxope and its light as a replacement for a previous model. I found myself very well and the light illuminates the reticule very well. I can only recommend the product.

Scott (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Great product to make it a complete package

Polar scope and illuminator are great for completing the package. I’d recommend MSM make their own detailed videos on calibration and the many ways if setting up the MSM system. Relying on user YouTube is okay but things like how tight you can tighten a ball head or the science for using the Z bracket from MSM would be great.

Terry Robinson (Adelaide, AU)
cloudy skies

havent seen a blue or black sky since i purchased the polarscope, its our winter here in south australia at the moment. this year i thought id get into astro alittle more seriously and why i bought the MSM tracker. cant wait for the weather to clear in the coming month or so to get out and get some great shots. thanks, terry

Nemo Photographe (Montreal, CA)
Not so easy...

At the moment, it is probably one of the most easier and affordable kit to track stars, but it needs patience and hours of practice to get some results. Instructions are only available in English, and it would be easier if they were also in other language like French. Also, online, it could be great to have some pictures and when we select one, we have the process to get a similar result. Thanks.

Eugene Keith (Boston, US)
Polar scope A

Easier touse than I thought!! It should come with the 99 degree prism to make it easier to use.
But a great product!!!

Moshe Cohen (Netivot, IL)
I like the spirit level

Helps to make the caliber in good way

Terry Koman (Pittsburgh, US)
90 degree polar scope

Make PA much easier

Georg Benzer (Berlin, DE)
Nachthimmel Fotografie für jedermann

Wunderbar leichtes Gerät für die Sternenfotografie.

Toby Young (Konarskie, PL)
My favourite tracker to date!

I have used my MSM several times in the field and I am delighted with the results I have obtained with it. The instructions come with hints on how to test your MSM before trying it out in the field and I consider that time well worth spent. I now use my MSM to pohtograph constellations and some deep sky objects. It takes little practice to lean how ot set up, calibrate, and run a set of photographic sequences. The laser pointer is simple to point to Polaris and holds its alignment very well for whots of up to a minute (I have not tried longer yet). I have had success with a Samyang 14mm and a Sigma 50mm Art lens. I will be pushing the boundaries of this little star tracker with longer exposure times and a Samyang 135mm lens. The MSM came well packed, ready to go, and I have not had any trouble with it yet. My main niggle is, that the instructions are rather difficult to make sense of - though it is worth the time and effort to read. Additionally, the laser pointer I received does not see to want to be properly calibrated - it is off center after adjustment. While this has not been a problem with wide field photography, I am concerned about using the 135mm lens as it is. Despite all of that, I heartily recommend the MSM. It is a more than capable travel star tracker and will remain in my collection indefinitely for those grab-and-go moments.

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