Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung

Polsucher mit Beleuchtung

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Bitte beachten Sie: Der 3D-Druck-Illuminator wird standardmäßig mit dem Kit "Polar Scope + Illuminator" geliefert.

Danke für Ihr Verständnis!

MSM Team 5. März 2021


Gute Neuigkeiten

Hallo Freunde, die neue Beleuchtung für den Polsucher ist ab sofort lieferbar!

MSM Team 25. Dezember 2020


Hallo Freunde

Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage an Polsuchern müssen wir weitere Versionen in unser Angebot aufnehmen, da es ansonsten regelmäßig zu Lieferengpässen kommen wird.

Nach einer 2-monatigen Testphase bieten wir derzeit 3 ​​Versionen an.

In Bezug auf die Funktion sind alle gleichwertig. Mit allen kann eine genaue Polausrichtung erreicht werden.

Bei allen Polsuchern wird die Beleuchtung KOSTENLOS mitgeliefert.

Um den Versand zu beschleunigen, versenden wir sie nach dem Zufallsprinzip.

Entschuldigen Sie die verursachte Verwirrung. Bei Fragen können uns jederzeit kontaktieren.

Wir sind immer für Sie da!


MSM Team 7. September 2020


Hallo Freunde

Aufgrund der übermäßigen Nachfrage nach Polsuchern ist die Charge vom 15. Juli ausverkauft. Die neue Lieferung für das CN-Lager wird voraussichtlich am 21. Juli und die für das US-Lager am 30. Juli eintreffen.

MSM-Team 20. Juli 2020

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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Kevin Gilpin (Lancaster, GB)
Simple and Easy to use

I wanted to start using a polar scope. So I order the bits required and started to use it. I found I could not get along with the Fluorescent Illuminator. Asking talking to Move Shot Move they suggested the old style Illuminator which I just love using. Happy Shooting

Mike (Carmel, US)
Polar Scope

When I decided to try some longer focal length shots, I upgraded my setup to use the polar scope. Very happy with the alignment I can get.

Craig Blum (Melbourne Beach, US)
Review of Polar Scope and Accessories

Received Polar Scope and a number of accessories. They are of high quality, work as described, and they were shipped in a timely fashion. Great products and the site has so many great resources. Highly recommended.

Mark Ray Ray (Carrizozo, US)
Makes polar alignment a snap!

Between the polar alignment laser for Star Adventurer 2i and the hot shoe adapter I can use to mount the laser on my Canon T7 and line up my shots. That's how I managed to get a picture of Mars and comet ZTF>

maxwell Thorbjornsen (Perth, AU)
polar scope right angle viewer

received the polar scope right angle viewer on time, great piece of equipment I can now do a polar alignment with out getting on my née

J.W. (Seattle, US)
Cnc machined illuminator. horrible design

This product is definitely a step up from the shitty wire illuminator that came with the scope. However it would have been 20 x better if it was a button. Why would it be a twist mechanism? Only a child with tiny fingers would be able to operate it effectively. In the cold? Forget about it. Really needs to be changed to a button. Seriously. Easy fix. Fix it.

Jeffrey Nicklaw (Charlotte, US)
Polar Scope Illuminator

Bought the polar Scope Illuminator in the hope the device would illuminate polar field. After a few adjustments the product worked as advertised.

Michael Debreceni (Bothell, US)
Easy alignment, could use clearer instructions

I recently added the polar alignment scope to my Move Shoot Move kit, in order to get a better polar alignment than is possible with the laser. I also bought the 90 degree elbow adapter so that I wouldn't need to crouch awkwardly while getting my alignment right.

Once I figured out how to mount the polar alignment scope and rotate the reticle to the correct position, polar alignment was simple. Clearer instructions would have been helpful here. With this said, the MSM community is very supportive and helpful, should you have questions.

I would have loved to know:
* Should I get version 'A' or 'B' of the kit? I chose A and it worked, but it was not clear which was best for me?
* How do I properly mount the scope into the mounting bracket? The scope clamps in nicely but I wasn't sure I'd positioned it properly, or pushed it far enough in to the bracket. A picture or two would have helped.
* How do I rotate the reticle to match my polar alignment app? I figured this out i the end, but it took a bit of guesswork.

Having said that, once I had this figured out, my resulting alignment was very good - much better than I achieved with the laser.

One other recommendation - if you have a choice between the 3D printed plastic LED illuminator or a machined metal one, pay extra for metal. It's much more durable, should you accidentally drop the alignment scope (ask me how I know).

All in all, I highly recommend the polar alignment scope.

nicola lamascese (Padova, IT)
Very good Polar scope

I bought the polar scxope and its light as a replacement for a previous model. I found myself very well and the light illuminates the reticule very well. I can only recommend the product.

Scott (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Great product to make it a complete package

Polar scope and illuminator are great for completing the package. I’d recommend MSM make their own detailed videos on calibration and the many ways if setting up the MSM system. Relying on user YouTube is okay but things like how tight you can tighten a ball head or the science for using the Z bracket from MSM would be great.

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