Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung
Polsucher mit Beleuchtung

Polsucher mit Beleuchtung

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Currently, we have 4 warehouses.

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Bitte beachten Sie: Der 3D-Druck-Illuminator wird standardmäßig mit dem Kit "Polar Scope + Illuminator" geliefert.

Danke für Ihr Verständnis!

MSM Team 5. März 2021


Gute Neuigkeiten

Hallo Freunde, die neue Beleuchtung für den Polsucher ist ab sofort lieferbar!

MSM Team 25. Dezember 2020


Hallo Freunde

Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage an Polsuchern müssen wir weitere Versionen in unser Angebot aufnehmen, da es ansonsten regelmäßig zu Lieferengpässen kommen wird.

Nach einer 2-monatigen Testphase bieten wir derzeit 3 ​​Versionen an.

In Bezug auf die Funktion sind alle gleichwertig. Mit allen kann eine genaue Polausrichtung erreicht werden.

Bei allen Polsuchern wird die Beleuchtung KOSTENLOS mitgeliefert.

Um den Versand zu beschleunigen, versenden wir sie nach dem Zufallsprinzip.

Entschuldigen Sie die verursachte Verwirrung. Bei Fragen können uns jederzeit kontaktieren.

Wir sind immer für Sie da!


MSM Team 7. September 2020


Hallo Freunde

Aufgrund der übermäßigen Nachfrage nach Polsuchern ist die Charge vom 15. Juli ausverkauft. Die neue Lieferung für das CN-Lager wird voraussichtlich am 21. Juli und die für das US-Lager am 30. Juli eintreffen.

MSM-Team 20. Juli 2020

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Andrew Kessel (Little Rock, US)
Continue to be happy with MSM products

I recently added the polar alignment scope and right angle bracket. I'm very happy with their products and their service, support gets back overnight when I've had questions.

Allen Jones (Saint Paris, US)
Fills a niche and makes things easier.

This makes quick work of polar alignment on my Star Adventurer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking to streamline their setup.

Patrick (Madrid, ES)
Not five stars due to the Polar Scope!

Everything works as expected. The Nomad is much easier to operate than its predecessor and offers excellent results for its category. My only complaint is about the Polar Scope A Kit for Nomad. I cannot offer an opinion because I have been unable to operate it as I cannot make sense of the image! (Image included) Is it too much to ask for a video or a small PDF clarifying how it is supposed to use it? Do you get the idea? I really hope so!

Benjamin Funk (North Brunswick, US)
Where was this all my days of imaging the stars,?

I don't know how I got by without this device. It has made my life so much easier aligning on Polaris. Gone is the sore knees and the stiff neck that used to haunt me. Do yourself a favor and purchase this and reap the same benefits that I have now become so used to.

Tony Sauser (Dallas, US)
Love the little tracker!

Love the size of tracker. Timelapse’s are a cinch. I use the laser to get close then zero in with Polar Scope. I just use laser if using my 20mm lens and Polar Scope when using 85mm plus. Works like a charm! Tracker has only sidereal option but during 3 hr eclipse only had to readjust tracker twice. Very happy with it.

Eirik Kittelsen (Vestby, NO)
Superb simplicity

The new Nomad tracker is a big step forward. Smaller, stronger and more reliable . Highly recommended.

William Trigoso (San Antonio, US)
Awesome polar scope

Polar scope and the reticular pattern are great. I am able to polar-align in minutes. in areas with low intermediate light pollution using the laser along with the polar scope make things a lot easier. The fluorescent eliminator make things extremely easy in the dark. I am new to this hobby. This is the second stacked picture I took, a otal of 28 pictures of 45 sseconds each. I wish I ccould have taken more but the clouds covered the sky soon after. I used a Canon t3i with an EF 100-300 lens.

Grant Demetrioff (Winnipeg, CA)
Great Product

Very well made . Thanks Very Much

Roger Boulanger (San Francisco, US)
An Essential Tool for Accurate Polar Alignment

I’ve been able to achieve accurate polar alignment with the MSM Polarscope doing deep sky shots resulting in 60+ second exposures with no star tracking.
I did do a calibration since it was a little off when I received it but that was a simple process.
The Illuminator is very effective. I simply keep a small flashlight in my pocket and very briefly expose the illuminator to the light before use. No wires or batteries involved.
When used with a polar alignment app on the phone, achieving a perfect alignment is quick and easy.
I highly recommend this product.

Dale L (Hampstead, GB)
Great service as always

I broke my polar scope light. Hannah was great at sorting everything out and making sure I got the right items
The order shipped quickly and was received in a timely manner
I always find the company responsive and they are very helpful with any queries

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