Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!
Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!

Mini-Stativ, bis zu 75 kg!

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✔Einzigartiges Design mit starken Beinen, die ein Gewicht von bis zu 75 kg tragen können.

✔ Richtiger Kugelkopf mit Arca Swiss-kompatibler Schnellwechselplatte.


Modell: MT-01

Länge eingeklappt: 220mm

Kugelkopf: 163g

Stativgewicht: 242g

Arbeitshöhe: 120 mm

Kugeldurchmesser: 30 mm


Beinquerschnitt: 16mm

Maximale Tragfähigkeit von 75 kg

Einzigartiger Zweiwinkelmodus



30mm Durchmesser Kugel

Eigengewicht 163g

12kg Haltekraft

Doppe lPanorama Funktion

JIS (Japanese Industrial) Standard

Ganzer Körper

CNC Bearbeited


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Randy B (Duncan, CA)
Mini Tripod

What a great little tripod to wander around with and gain a different perspective. Very sturdy.

elliott parker (Worcester, GB)
Solid little tripod

Really nice. It's small, lightweight and it's solid. Very well built

Volodymyr Bezrukov (Kyiv, UA)
Little sturdy tripod

I have ordered this tripod in mid-January, received it in March. The tripod supports quite heavy equipment for astrophotography. It does not slide on a flat surface and, if necessary, can be attached with straps to vertical supports. Tripod is easy to use; the case allows to pack conveniently the entire kit.
Completely satisfied with this thing and with MSM.

Martinet Eric (Toulon, FR)

Léger, très solide, stable. La rotule ball est de bonne construction. Peut servir aussi pour la macro entre autre.

Paulo Ferreira (Lisbon, PT)
A sturdy and convenient tripod

This small tripod is very sturdy yet light weigth and very convenient to take with your photography gear as a second, or even maybe as a main tripod. I'm very glad I bought it and I've used i in several ocasion both indoor and outdoor since then.

Happy Customer (Copenhagen, DK)
Great addition to mobile setup, but...

The Tripod is more stable than anticipated, even with SIFO, ballhead and large DSLR attached, and locks tight and secure, and fits into a backpack (or pocket for that matter) very easy. The only real pain point so far is the mountingplate - you need a tool of sorts to screw it tightly to equipment - other mountingplates have a ring or the like where you can tighten it just by hand, this is not the case with this plate and you need a screwdriver (or other tool) to get it tighten securely.

Otherwise very pleased with the product.

John Epperson (Yakima, US)

It is great!

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