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MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁
MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁

MSM easy to use star tracker (Newest 2-in-1) - Holiday sale is ON! 🎁🎁

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Black Friday Sale is on, check out with code "BFCM" to get EXTRA 10% OFF sitewide!  🎁🎁

Best price available while supplies last!

Amazing, I did it!
I have never used a rotator before buying MSM, so I didn't have big expectations. But I was wrong! The day before going out for stargazing I tried my equipment, included the laser pointer, and everything was so easy. I was amazed even when I took the very first photo! I was able to obtain beautiful pictures of the Milky Way with single shots. I can't believe what I did, spending a little money! Thank you so much MSM, you made my dreams come true.
- Luana Ciavattella, Doha, Qatar

"I have friends who have bought star trackers and have never used them to take a photo because they were too complicated to set up! And these are intelligent people. The Move-Shoot-Move is the most compact and easy to set up star tracker I have ever used. From the time I placed it on my tripod to finished alignment was only about two minutes, and within a couple more minutes I was shooting tracked images of the stars. Now, I discover it can do time-lapse movements as well! That will be my next outing..."

- Royce Bair, US


Does this Tracker support my Camera?

It has 2 modes!

  1. Under the star tracker mode(by default), it can support all cameras.
  2. Under the passive timelapse mode, it only works directly with Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras through the hot-shoe port.
  3. Under the passive timelapse mode, For non-Nikon, non-Canon, non-Sony cameras (Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, etc), you just connect the intervalometer.
Does this Tracker have a requirement for the lens?
The tracker is designed for wide-angle Astro-landscape use but we realize that many people are using it for deep space also. Therefore although we recommend you not exceed 135mm focal length for best tracking, longer focal lengths may be used if the effect of torque is considered. In order to not exceed recommended torque and possibly damage the tracker, the maximum length of your lens must be 305mm (12 inches) or less.


 What has been updated in the new button version?

  • Replaced the Knob with a Button to solve the deficiencies with the knob design. 
  • 15% smaller than the Knob.
  • Added 1/2 speed star tracking mode, then you can take photos of the Milkyway with one shot.
  • Removed the less frequently used panorama mode.
  • Easier to install with the new screws with stopper 
  • An illuminator was added to the polar scope.


How to Choose the ideal Kit to start your Astro-landscape photography?

Packing List:

Basic Kit:  Rotator, Laser Pointer, Laser Bracket

Starter Kit: Rotator, Laser Pointer, Ball Head, Laser Bracket

Basic Kit A: Rotator, Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Scope Bracket

Pro-Kit A: Rotator,  Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Scope Bracket, Wedge, Head Lamp (Red LED)

Pro-Kit B: Rotator, Laser Pointer, Laser Bracket, Wedge, Head Lamp (Red LED)

Basic Kit C: Rotator, Laser Pointer, Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Bracket

Complete Kit: Rotator, Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Laser pointer,  Wedge, Head Lamp(Red LED), Bracket

Australia Pro Kit: Rotator, Phone Mount, Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Scope Bracket, Wedge

 Do I need the laser pointer?

  1. If you are new to astrophotography, we recommend choosing the laser pointer to begin. It's easier to use than the polar alignment for novices. 
  2. If you mainly use a wide-angle lens, then the laser pointer is enough and the most convenient for you.


  • If you are new and have a low budget, buy the Basic kit to start
  • If you want a ready to shoot Astro kit, buy the Pro kit B. 
  • If you are experienced, you will understand how much you can benefit from the Rotator's portability and it's straight forward design.

Do I need to buy the Polar Scope?

  1. If you use a long lens, then the Polar Scope will provide a more accurate polar alignment.
  2. If you are from Australia, then buy the Polar Scope as it is prohibited in Australia to buy the laser pointer.
  3. If you might travel to Australia, Switzerland, or other locations that do not allow a laser pointer, then you will require a Polar Scope.


  • If you live in Australia or Switzerland, buy Basic Kit A to start
  • If you just want a ready to shoot Astro kit for your DSLR, buy the Pro-Kit A. 
  • The Complete kit is set up to support all the above options and is ready to go for all locations. 

    FAQs on Shipping

     Satisfaction Guaranteed

    30-days full refund Warranty.

    If you received a defective one, don’t worry, we will resend you a new one immediately. Up until now, the defective rate is less than 1%.

    If you do not want to keep it anymore within 30 days, return to us, and you will get a full refund. In this case, you just need to pay the returning shipping fee.

    1 Year Quality Warranty

    If it malfunctions,  we will exchange it for a new one for you ALL at our expense. 




    The mechanism behind Move Shoot Move star tracker:

    • The Earth is rotating.
    We know our Earth rotates once every 23h 56m4s. Its rotation axis goes through Polaris, and stars are not stationary relative to our Earth.
    Just as the below photo shows, the stars circle around Polaris.
    how to do polar alignment
    • What happened?
    According to the 500 rule, we usually can not expose for more than 25s, often less than15 seconds, which results in:
    1. Many faint stars are missing from our photo.
    2. Ugly stars trails.
    3. Noise ruins our composition.
    • How to expose more than 60 seconds?
    The Move Shoot Move tracker rotates at the same speed as the Earth but in the opposite direction. As a result, the stars will be tracked, and they will remain in the viewfinder. Your exposure time can be up to minutes in duration, faint stars will show up in your pictures, star trails will disappear, and lower ISO helps to reduce noise. Finally, you can get clear, pinpoint photos of stars and the night sky.
    how to setup move shoot move star tracker
    • What's Polar alignment?
    The Earth's rotation axis goes almost exactly through Polaris.
    So, we need to make the Rotator's rotational axis parallel to the Earth's rotation axis. This is called polar alignment.
    • Is your Polar alignment difficult and complicated?
    What if I don't know RA, D-dec, and I've never studied astronomy? Can I still do polar alignment? 
    Don't worry, it's easy-
    • If you already know where to find Polaris, then just aim the laser at Polaris, and polar alignment is accomplished😉.
    • If you don't know where to find Polaris, then download a free app, 'Skysafari,' set it to VR mode. It will spot Polaris when you move your phone around the sky.
    • How to do a polar alignment in the Southern Hemisphere?
    It's a similar operation, but with different stars, here is a tutorial in more detail.
    • If the star is tracked, will the foreground be blurred?
    Yes, the foreground will be blurred. Then what do I do about that? Change the shooting sequence.
    1. First, we turn the tracker OFF to get a clear foreground shot(your composition).
    2. Then we wait for the ideal stars to show up in our composition, turn the tracker ON, and shoot the tracked stars. Then combine these two pictures to get the final one in Photoshop or other post-processing software.



    "So simple to use

    I purchased a Sky Watcher Star Adventurer awhile ago, and beside the weight, it was that complicated I just could not be bothered. Having received my MSM last week I went out with high hopes and it delivered. I did not purchase the polar scope or laser pointer, but used a couple of different apps on the phone and was able to take shots of more than 5 minutes with only small movement. Shots under 3 minutes were pin sharp.
    Finally, the weight. So easy to just chuck it in the camera bag and take it anywhere. So glad I decided to purchase Move Shoot Move!!!"

    - David Dalton, Forest Lake, AU


    Below is Mr.Alyn's review from the UK, on star tracking.


    Check Mr.Gunther's review, the godfather of timelapse.


    The mechanism for time-lapse: 

    It works by adjusting the angle of rotation, not the speed of rotation, with four options: Star Tracking Mode, Move Shoot Move mode of 0.05, 0.075, 0.1, and 0.125 degrees per picture. Therefore, you control the camera's rotating based upon the angle selected, and the interval set on your timer (you need a separate timer/intervalometer, which is inexpensive). The longer the interval you set, the slower the rotation. Once you are done taking a picture (which the rotator ‘knows’ through the hot-shoe cable), the rotator will turn the defined angle, which means that the camera is not turning while the picture is being taken.
    Key features:
      Weight:  (450g), Compact (1.7" x 3.15" x 3.9")
      Ultra-long battery life

        Up to 3000 shots in one charge. 

        Passive (Slave) motorized in timelapse mode

          The Rotator is just a slave to your camera (intervalometer). There is no conflict with your camera's built-in App, and it is compatible with most cameras that have a hot shoe port. 

          The innovative worm gear system 

            Our worm-gear self-lock mechanism presents two key benefits: Top-Level Move Shoot Move performance and Super Long Battery Life. 


            Size: 1.7" x 3.15" x 3.9" (4.3cm x 8cm x 9.9cm)

            Material: Aluminum alloy

            Weight: 1.01 lbs (450g)

            Max load: 6.6Lbs (3Kg)

            Step options: Star Tracking Mode (360° in 24hrs) | 0.05°/step, 0.075°/step, 0.1°/step, 0.125°/step 

            Input: DC5.0V 1.0A Max

            Battery life: 5 hrs for star tracking / 3000 shots for time-lapse, Or more by connecting to an external power bank (work while charging).

              Warranty: One Year

              Packing list:
              MSM Rotator         x1
              Charging Cable    x1
              Hot-shoe Cable    x1
              1/4 to 3/8 Adapter x1

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 896 reviews
              stephen price (South Jordan, US)
              MSM Rotator

              While fairly new at Astrophotography, I knew after my first successful session in June, '21 that in order to 'up my game' a star tracker purchase would be a critical next step. I quickly narrowed it down to two options. MSM Rotator got the nod. My purchase was late in the Milky Way season for the Northern hemisphere, so I've only had one session with it. The results were fantastic... longer exposures, no more star trails, more details. So easy to use. During this one session I assembled the MSM Rotator onto my tripod ball head added a second ball head on top and the camera onto that. Made sure my tripod was sturdily positioned, pointed the laser at Polaris, tightened all the components, turned on the tracker and started capturing great images immediately. Big smile, happy customer!

              Jim Zhong (Houston, US)

              MSM is the most portable tracker I have owned. I tested out at Acadia National park and big bend National park for Milky Way shots and the result was satisfactory. Highly recommended for the night scape shots.

              Michael Delaney (Alphington, AU)
              MOVE SHOOT MOVE

              Bought this in September, I've only had 2 chances to use it but I'm very happy with the results,would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to do Astrophotography.

              Darryl Robertson (Prospect, CA)
              Polar Scope A Package

              I just received the polar scope and it is snowing at the moment (Nova Scotia, Canada) so I have not had a chance to use it yet. However, my first impression is very good. I was a bit surprised that the polar scope did not insert very far into the mount, but it seems to lock down okay. The reticule is a bit different from what I am used to but it should work fine. The LED illumination works well (I bought the CNC machined illuminator). The polar scope has a bubble level on it which shows that someone really knew what they were doing! I am very satisfied.

              Aruna Kalutanthri (Victoria, CA)
              So far really like it

              I was only able to use it for a few days, (winter time here and it is cloudy and rainy), but was able to get sharp Milky Way photos. The only weak point is the alignment, which I am using a Z/V mount and now got a Pan & Tilt head. I will updated my review once I get more into it, but I am pretty happy with the unit so far. Great for backpacking.

              Sean Mcpartlin (Chorley, GB)

              Only had the opportunity to use it once so far at this time of year and struggling for clear nights BUT the one time I did get to use it I was thoroughly Impressed by it, so light weight and it was so easy to set up in the cold and I LOVE the laser it’s so fun, the images I managed to capture in just one session were fantastic!

              Glenn Saunders (Brampton, CA)
              Small, light weight and easy to use

              Love it so far. Sets up on my fluid head nicely. Should have ordered the polar scope. Recommend ordering this. I will be back to pick one up. Solid device

              Pete Eisert (St. Petersburg, US)
              Pin point stars

              Definitely made my milky way pictures stand out

              Andreas Holmström (Gothenburg, SE)
              MSM tracker

              It works like a charm. Easy to use. The support is excellent.

              Umberto Uderzo (Padova, IT)
              Cool little and light star tracker

              First of all, this is my first star tracker so i cannot compare with other products.
              I choosed to buy this tracker because of the inviting price and being it small and relatively light it fitted well into a two days backpack, which is the main reason i looked at this product.
              Until now, i used it a few times, always with wide angle lens. Always satisfying experience, also the first one (i feared i'd do some kind of mess in aligning polaris but with the polar scope the job was done i few minutes, it could take less time but it was mainly because of the use of a sphere head instead of a more precise two axis head).
              I must say that in a single occasion it didn't track as expected, i still seen trailing. It may be caused by my mistake in polaris alignment (the sky were not fully visible at my location) but it may be caused also by tracker fault, as i read from some other users that it may take a while to "get up to speed" sometimes. Anyway, not a show stopper.
              I know it's useable also as landscape rotator, but i don't have this need and i never used this way.
              Customer support is really helpful and they solved a couple minor issues, always a satisfying experience, and this is a big plus to me. I need to talk to helpful people when i have some kind of problem or question. Also asking about other MSM products were really useful (i purchased also a mount and a more sturdy illuminator). You only need to have some patience because answers may take a couple days in the worst case, but as far as i know there is only on person following customer support so this is to be expected.
              Well, the illuminator that comes bundled with the scope is a little weak in my opinion, if you choose the scope (instead of the laser pointer) better to consider spending a few more bucks and buy the CNC machined illuminator.
              What else to say... so far, i'm satisfied with my purchase. Not perfect but sure a quantum leap in my night photography!
              Cheers! Umberto