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Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator
Knob version - MSM Rotator

Knob version - MSM Rotator

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How to Choose the Ideal Gear for Your Astro-Landscape Photography?

Regarding the star pointer:

  1. If you are a new player, we recommend choosing the star pointer as a start. It's easier to do the polar alignment for new players.  (Star Pointer's output is <1mw, please check above label)
  2. If you mainly play with a wide-angle lens, then the star pointer is enough and the most convenient for you.


  • If you are new and have a low budget, you can just buy the Basic kit B to start.
  • If you want one ready to shoot Astro kit, then you can buy the Pro kit B. 
  • If you are experienced, I suppose you've understood how much you can benefit from the Rotator's portability and it's straight forward design.

    Do I need to buy the Polar Scope?

    1. If you play with a long lens, then better add the Polar Scope to do a more accurate polar alignment.
    2. If you are from Australia, then you should buy the Polar Scope due to it is prohibited in Australia to buy the laser pointer.
    3. If you may travel to shoot in Australia or some locations that do not allow laser pointer, then better have one Polar Scope for them.


    How to do the polar alignment?
    1. We have a tutorial in our user manual, also we have a tutorial for Southern Hemisphere
    2. We are online every day to help, just shoot our Email/Messenger anytime.

    Does this Tracker support my Camera?

    1. As a star tracker, it can support all cameras.
    2. Timelapse, Panorama mode can only work with: Nikon, Canon, Sony.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    30 days full refund guarantee.

    If you received a defective one, don’t worry, we will resend you a new one instantly. Up until now, the defective rate is within 1%.

    If you do not want to buy it anymore within 30 days, return to us, and you will get a full refund, in this case, you just need to pay the returning shipping fee, it may cost $20 from your country to us.

    1 Year quality guarantee

    If it happens to malfunction,  we will exchange a new one for you at our expense. 


    What Photographers Are Shooting with SiFo?

    Photographer: Gilles Taochy

    Photographer: Mark Green

    Photographer: Arun Soman

    This is brilliant, we never planned to shoot deep sky with our Rotator, but Arun has achieved it with our Rotator, this is amazing, below is his story, enjoy!

    Photographer:  Mike Ridley

    Check Mr.Alyn's Review from the UK

    Check Mr.Gunther's Review from Germany:


      The mechanism for Time-lapse and Panorama: 
      It works by adjusting the angle of rotation, not the speed of rotation, with seven options: Star Tracking Mode; Time-lapse & Panorama mode of 0.05, 0.075, 0.1 and 0.125 degrees per picture. Therefore, you control the camera's rotating based upon the angle selected, and the interval set on your timer (you need a separate timer/intervalometer, which is inexpensive). The longer the interval you set, the slower of the rotation. Once you are done taking a picture (which the rotator ‘knows’ through the hot-shoe cable), the rotator will turn the defined angle, which means that the camera is not turning while the picture is being taken.
      Key Features:
        Weightless (450g), Compact (1.7" x 3.15" x 3.9")

          Thanks to its small weight and dimension, it presents your already heavy bag more space and weight.

          One Cable Fits All Your Cameras

          Do not need different cables for your cameras. Check Quick Setup

          Ultra Long Battery Life

            Supports to take 3000 shots. This meets most of the daily usage.

            Passive Motorized Design

              No confliction with your camera's built-in App, compatible with most cameras that has a hot shoe port. Check Why Passive Design

              Innovative Worm Gear System

                Our worm-gear self-lock mechanism presents two key benefits: Top-Level Move Shoot Move performance and Super Long Battery Life. Check Worm Gear SystemCheck Move Shoot Move



                Size: 1.7" x 3.15" x 3.9" (4.3cm x 8cm x 9.9cm)

                Weight: 1.01 lbs (450g)

                Max Load: 3 Kg

                Step Options: Star Tracking Mode (360° in 24hrs) | 0.05°/step, 0.075°/step, 0.1°/step, 0.125°/step | 2°/step(200mm), 9°/step(35mm)

                Input: DC5.0V 1.0A Max

                Battery Life: >= 24 hrs for star tracking / 3000 shots for time-lapse

                  Warranty: One Year

                  PACKING LIST
                  SiFo Rotator         x1

                  Charging Cable    x1
                  Hot-shoe Cable    x1
                  1/4 to 3/8 Adapter x1

                    Customer Reviews

                    Based on 4 reviews

                    one of the best products i bought for my photo equipment

                    MSM rotator

                    Unfortunately not many clear sky's i have managed a couple of shoots although not very successful on my part the MSM tracker worked perfectly with no star trails. Tried it with a D810 and Sigma 150 - 600mm lens at just under 3kg, motor worked perfectly. the mounts/heads were not quite so good with the weight had to tighten really hard to stop any slippage. Photos came out fine except for my poor focusing skills!

                    Quite good Star Tracker but not without drawbacks

                    I’ve been thinking about Star Tracker pretty long period but all trackers usually were tremendously huge and cost a fortune. I’ve found some traces of small tracker for photographers but all of them out of stock. So, when I noticed the ad of MSM Star Tracker, I decided – It’s a right time to buy it. Apart from star-tracking mode it has a rotation function for time-lapse. It’s also interesting but not right now.
                    I selected one of the simplest sets – MSM Star Tracker and Polar scope with pleasant discount.
                    After receiving it I had to wait the New Moon and cloudless weather to check how it works.

                    Using the Polar scope to point to Polaris became tremendously difficult. Fortunately, I coped with it successfully.

                    On my first test I’ve made shots on 120s exposition without any notice of trails.
                    And I’ve been able to use relatively small ISO value which saves a great deal of small stars.

                    Unexpectedly, stars on the shot with tracker became noticeably smaller. I think, it means that without tracker we see very small movement which doesn’t turn to visible trace but slightly expands the star. But it’s also mean a quite good pointing to Polaris I’ve made.

                    Well, now I’m completely happy with new toy but there are some drawbacks:
                    - The MSM Star Tracker has a Micro USB socket for charging but the cable in the set is USB Type-C.
                    - On the pictures placed on official site the rotator has two buttons but I received it with rotating Knob. Unfortunately, they sent me the old version but with new cable.
                    Polarscope. It’s quite difficult to cope with it.
                    - You hardly see the black reticle over dark sky. It would be better to have some illuminated reticle.
                    - I had to huddle up to look through the viewfinder. The angled viewfinder would be much better. Now I’m thinking about how to make it…

                    MSM. up and running

                    Received my MSM ... ran the unit through it’s functions.. All a go .. Tracked the Milky Way with Nikon D850 and 14mm lense.
                    MSM had no problems with the weight.
                    Note be sure to get Polaris aligned properly. On 2minute exposure had no startrails.
                    Very pleased with the build and size of the unitRon Loccarini Photography