75Kg! Mini Tripod

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✔Unique design with strong legs that can support up to 75 kg weight.
True ball head with Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate.


Model: MT-01
Folding length: 220mm
Rotator weight: 163g
Tripod weight: 242g
Working height: 120mm
Sphere diameter: 30mm


Maximum 16mm square leg cross section
Maximum 75kg vertical load capacity
Unique two-angle setting
Octopus catching mode


30mm diameter sphere
Self weight 163g
12kg limit locking force
Dual panorama function
Follow JIS (Japanese Industrial) standards

✔Whole body

Full CNC machining
Anode hard oxidation


Customer Reviews

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Great addition to mobile setup, but...

The Tripod is more stable than anticipated, even with SIFO, ballhead and large DSLR attached, and locks tight and secure, and fits into a backpack (or pocket for that matter) very easy. The only real pain point so far is the mountingplate - you need a tool of sorts to screw it tightly to equipment - other mountingplates have a ring or the like where you can tighten it just by hand, this is not the case with this plate and you need a screwdriver (or other tool) to get it tighten securely.

Otherwise very pleased with the product.


It is great!