Polar Alignment with Polar Scope for Northern Hemisphere

  1. Install "PolarisView" app on your phone.
  2. Get one MSM SiFo Polar Scope
  3. Attention: Only do polar alignment after you've installed your camera to avoid possible gesture change due to adding camera's weight.
Why Polar Scope?
  1. In order to do the most accurate Polar Alignment, we need the help of Polar Scope. 
  2. Also at some situation we are not allowed to use star pointer.
Steps to do Polar Alignment
  1. Install your camera and SiFo Rotator as below 
Polar Alignment with Polar Scope
2. Caution: Check and Make sure your tripod is leveled.
3.Open your "PolarisView" app to find your Polaris position, refer to below photo.

Polaris View

4. Rotate MSM Polar Scope's reticle to horizontal (3 and 9 o clock)

5. Adjust Rotator's gesture to put the Polaris on the same circle position as the PolarisView App

6.  It's done, you can shoot now.  

  • More About Polar Scope Reticle?
  • Please check below photo for detail explanation.


    • Throughout the year, Polaris will travel around the North Celestial Pole in a circle.
    • Polaris position will change depends on the given time and location.



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